4 of the best new box sets to own from BT TV Store

From high-octane car chases and kidnappings to small-town murder and bloody battles, these five newly released box sets will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Last updated: 5 May 2017 - 9.49am

The last episode is over, the office gossip has tailed off and you’re left with a gaping hole in your TV viewing schedule… There’s a twinge of sadness when your series-of-the-moment comes to an end – but not for long, because there’s a plethora of must-watch box sets ready and waiting on BT TV Store. From the darker side of family life in Big Little Lies to nail-biting action in 24: Legacy, we present the best new series to satisfy your TV appetite. Warning: back-to-back episode viewing may occur…

24: Legacy


Fast-forward three years after the dramatic climax of 24: Live Another Day and war hero Eric Carter is returning to the US after an operation to eliminate terrorist leader Sheikh Ibrahim bin-Khalid. But it seems his mission isn’t over quite yet: bin-Khalid’s men are out for revenge, cooking up a plot for what could be one of the biggest attacks on American soil. Can Carter save his country – and himself – in time? Box set available to buy and own from BT TV Store from 5 May

Homeland S6


Not since Brody’s demise at the end of season three has Homeland been so gripping. With its finger firmly on the pulse, season six of the show sees Carrie back in New York working for a foundation that provides aid to Muslims living in the US. Meanwhile, a young Muslim-American man has been detained by the FBI after posting a series of videos online and a female president has just been voted into the White House. Box set available to buy and own from BT TV Store now

The Last Kingdom S2


This historical epic is sure to fill the Game of Thrones-shaped gap left in fans’ lives during the hiatus between series. Expect gory battle scenes, complex family politics, chainmail and questionable haircuts as the Danes and Saxons battle it out over ancestral lands. The story revolves around Uhtred, a warrior and leader caught between his allegiance to the Saxons, his people by blood, and the Danes, who raised him. Just don’t expect to remember anyone’s name…Box set available to buy and own from BT TV Store from 5 May

Taken S1



A spin-off from the Liam Neeson vehicle that is the Taken film trilogy, this series follows former CIA agent Bryan Mills on the hunt for a band of bad guys. When a personal tragedy rocks his world, he vows to take vengeance on the villains. Box set available to buy and own from BT TV Store now

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