Christmas 24: 5 awesome festive films to enjoy on the 24-hour Christmas movie channel

Get in on the festive cheer with these cheesetastic Christmas 24 movies.

It’s official: autumn is over and winter is here. Shops have dusted off those Christmas soundtracks and the mince pies and puddings have been pushed to the front of every supermarket aisle.

Too soon? For some perhaps, but it you do like all things Christmas, then you’re in luck, especially if you enjoy the odd cheesy Christmas movie or two.

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This is because Movies 24 have become Christmas 24 for the festive season, playing fantastic yet delightfully twee Christmas movies round the clock.

Here’s some of the very best movies that you’ll be able to enjoy on Christmas 24 - BT Channel 513 - this year:

Merry Woofmas

Christmas isn’t just for humans, it’s for dogs too! Christmas 24 wishes every dog a Merry Woofmas and to commemorate has created a Christmas movie especially for man’s best friend. Narrated by Louis Walsh, it’s not just dog-friendly, it’s family-friendly too, and it stars some on Instagram’s most famous dogs.

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A Christmas Kiss

a christmas kiss

An interior decorator finds herself stuck in an elevator with her boss’s boyfriend. A steamy kiss ensues and before she knows it she’s head over heels in love! To make things even more complicated, he hires her to decorate his home for a Christmas party. Was this nothing more than a stolen kiss, or are they meant to be together?

A Perfect Christmas

Newlyweds Steve and Cynthia, celebrating their first ever Christmas together, bravely invite their families to celebrate with them. But when Steve is suddenly made redundant just before Christmas Day, Cynthia also discovers she’s pregnant. Shocked but determined not to spoil Christmas for their respective families, they make a pact to keep their massive secrets just that. What could possibly go wrong?!

A Nutcracker Christmas

a nutcracker christmas

World-class ballerina Lilly Jamison has to balance her tough dance schedule with raising her late sister’s daughter – who turns out to be a ballet prodigy herself. When her neice is offered the coveted lead role in The Nutcracker, the only fly in this ointment is that the director, Mark, also happens to be Lilly’s ex-boyfriend. Is this going to be the most awkward production of all time – or will Mark and Lilly relight their once burning flame of passion?

A Christmas Wish

christmas wish

Martha Evans is left destitute by her husband with their two daughters and stepson. She leaves town in the hopes of making a fresh start in the country. It looks set to be a bleak Christmas for the Evans family, until it's revealed that her new neighbours are working behind the scenes to make it a special holiday – perhaps even the best yet.

Christmas 24, BT Channel 513, shows Christmas movies all day, every day.

Image credits: REX/NBC Universal

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