5 faces you’ll recognise in Girl Meets World if you watched Boy Meets World in the 1990s

In the sequel to 90s teen sitcom Boy Meets World, Corey Matthews is all grown up with kids of his own. Watch the original cast 20 years later in new Girl Meets World for a blast from the past…

Last updated: 18 February 2017 - 06.08pm

Scary how time flies. If you were tuning in to watch Corey, Shawn, Topanga and the gang in the 90s, it might be a shock to discover that the 12-year-old boy in Boy Meets World is now a 36-year old with two kids in Disney’s spin off Girl Meets World. Corey isn’t the only familiar face in the sequel either…

1. Corey Matthews

Our baby-faced Corey in Boy Meets World may have two kids, but he’s still baby-faced. Ben Savage now plays Dad to lead character Riley Matthews, a New York City middle-schooler getting to grips with teenagedom and all that it entails.

2. Topanga Lawrence

And who plays Riley’s Mom? You guessed it, Corey’s teen sweetheart Topanga Lawrence, now Topanga Matthews, played by Danielle Fishel (they got hitched in Boy Meets World and are still going strong). Looks like those dates in the International House of Salads (IHOS – Topanga’s favourite restaurant all those years ago) worked a charm for Corey.

3. Shawn Hunter

Class trouble-maker and Corey’s right-hand man, Shawn was always the popular kid at school and the polar opposite of his nerdy best friend. 25 years later, Shawn is a globe-trotting travel photographer and journalist who pops up every now and then exchanging witty banter with Corey such as: "I'm wearing a cable knit sweater with slacks! You turned me into you!" You guys.

4. Stuart Minkus

The model class geek, Stuart, aka Minkus, was the wunderkid who, at the end of one episode of Boy Meets World, discovered the secret of time travel by accident. In Girl Meets World, he’s the Dad of Farkle Minkus, a member of Riley’s gang – and as you may have guessed, Farkle, like his father, is the class brain box. With a name like that, you’d have to be.

5. George Feeny (aka Mr Feeny)

The beloved principal and next door neighbour Mr Feeny makes a comeback in Girl Meets World, you’ll be pleased to hear. Played by the legend that is William Daniels (also the voice of KITT in Knight Rider), Mr Feeny reprises his role in Girl Meets World as the gang’s mentor with his words of wisdom and wisecracks. The star of the show as far as we’re concerned.

Girl Meets World starts 5pm, February 20, Disney, BT channel 480.

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