Honey I Bought The House and 5 other jaw-dropping reality TV moments

We look back at the car-crash and cringe-inducing reality TV shows that we will never forget.

W's new home-buying series Honey I Bought The House is an entertaining twist on the property-buying format.

Location, Location, Location crossed with Don't Tell The Bride, the show splits couples up, sending on half off to put down a £15,000 on their dream home.


The catch is that if the other person doesn’t like the house they picked, they lose that deposit money.

Airing at 8pm on Monday nights (BT TV Channel 311), the disastrous decisions – nearly always by men – lead to some jaw-dropping reality TV moments. How would you feel if your other half blew your house deposit on a boat?

It isn't the first reality show to leave us collecting our jaws from the floor. Here are five reality TV moments that we will never forget.

1. The Come Dine With Me meltdown

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me has had plenty of bust-ups down the years. Who thought dinner parties could get so rowdy?

However, nothing has ever quite compared to Peter Marsh’s snarling rant in 2016.

Branded the 'angriest man in Come Dine With Me' history, you'll probably find his face on Google Images if you type in the words 'sore loser'.

When he discovered co-star Jane has won the £1,000 prize, he grew increasingly angry, concluding a theatrical rant with the lines: "I hope now you will spend it on getting some lessons in grace and decorum because you have all the grace of reversing dump trunk without any tyres on.

"So Jane, take your money and get off my property!"

2. When Olly Murs got it totally wrong on live TV

Poor Olly Murs. One of the most successful X Factor acts in the show’s history, the amiable singer seemed like a sensible choice of co-host when Simon Cowell decided to give Dermot O’Leary the heave-ho as presenter.

Sadly, the moment the show went live Olly’s inexperience was glaring to see and his tongue-tied presenting style reached its embarrassing crescendo in a dramatic results show where he declared that Monica Michael was “going home”. The problem?

He’d got it wrong and the vote had actually gone to Deadlock.

Don’t worry though Olly, there were only about 8 million people watching.

3. David's Dead


Incredible coincidences, a spiraling mix of whispers, misunderstandings and David Gest hiding under his bed sheets. If you’d told us that the unlikely trio of Angie Best, Tiffany Pollard and Gest would end up being involved in a TV moment that we would never forget, we’d have probably considered you mad.

However, following the sudden death of Angie’s ex-husband, pop icon David Bowie, an unfortunate chain of events followed that created TV mayhem.

Tiffany Pollard managed to create her own 'David's Dead' T-shirt line off the back of this incident and Gest launched a David Gest Is Not Dead tour. Adding a final twist to the whole surreal story, Gest did die less than a year later. Hopefully he's have a good old chuckle about the whole story with David Bowie.

4. Gillian McKeith faints


We've grown used to melodramatic celebrities milking their five minutes of fame in the jungle, but nobody had the nation quite as glued to their TV screens as TV presenter Gillian McKeith.

When she discovered that she was going to be taking part in a live bushtucker challenge, she drooped to the floor and apparently 'fainted'.

We're not saying we weren’t convinced by her drop to the floor, but Ant and Dec hardly blinked as they continued to read their autocue and went into the adverts, unconcerned about the woman lying on the ground at their feet.

5. Every single episode of Don't Tell The Bride on BBC Three

The BBC Three reality series was one continual car-crash as blokes repeatedly created ghastly weddings, blew savings on selfish stag-dos and purchased some of the most hideous dresses ever designed for their unfortunate brides.

From the man who took his bride to Vegas, but couldn’t afford to fly out all her family, to the screams of anger when a bride discovers that she’s getting hitched at Thorpe Park, the show never disappointed when it came to jaw-dropping reality TV catastrophes.

Honey I Bought The House airs on Mondays at 8pm on W, BT TV channel 311. It is also available on BT TV Catch-Up.

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