5 more myths we’d like to see put to the test on MythBusters: The Search

The show that made science cool is back with a bang, this time with 10 contestants going head-to-head in a battle to become the new hosts. Here are some experiments we’d like to see them tackle.

Last updated: 20 March 2017 - 08.41pm

Can you use rockets to make someone into a human cannon? Can you escape from prison using a hair rope? Can a snowplough split a car in half?

The original MythBusters series garnered a legion of diehard fans by answering these and many other pressing questions, using mind-blowing ingenuity and setting off some hair-raising explosions along the way.

The new series is a contest to find a new set of experts, so competitors will spend each week trying to bust a myth. They’ll need science smarts, engineering know-how, rock-solid nerves and a little dose of crazy.

The contestants will be asked to paint a room using explosives and scale a seven-storey building using a vacuum cleaner, but we have five other pressing myths against which we’d like to see them pit their wits.

1. Can you make a lipstick taser?

In the film Despicable Me 2, we very much enjoyed watching Anti-Villain League agent Lucy render enemies prone and twitching using her lipstick taser. We’d love to see the MythBusters try to build a similarly pocket-sized weapon.

2. Is it possible to build a bicycle for a fish?

We know the idiom is used to signify something not at all necessary, but that’s not the point. We’d love to know if it’s somehow possible to make a bicycle for a fish. Could they pedal it with their flippers? Would the fish need special training?

3. Can you make frobscottle?

For anyone who hasn’t seen or read Roald Dahl’s The BFG, Frobscottle is a delicious green fizzy drink tasting of vanilla, cream and raspberries. Oh, and the bubbles go down, not up, and it makes the drinker fart with such force, they fly. Farting makes us giggle, and being able to fly would be amazing, so frobscottle is high on our wish list.

4. Could your shoes take you home?

We’ve always rather liked the idea of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. In The Wizard of Oz, she just has to click her heels together three times and her footwear instantly whisks her home. At the end of a long night out, this is just what we need. We’re wondering if the MythBusters could knock up a real version, maybe using a combination of those trainers fitted with wheels and a homing pigeon. 

5. Could you domesticate a zebra and ride it like a horse?

With their monochrome stripes, zebras look to us like very, very well-dressed horses. We’ve always wondered why you don’t see people riding them. We’d like to know if it’s possible and, if so, why it isn’t more popular.

MythBusters: The Search is back with a boom at 9pm, Friday 24 March, Discovery Channel, BT channel 322.

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