5 reasons to watch Nat Geo Wild’s Animal Fight Club

It's a case of nature vs nature as the riveting Animal Fight Club on Nat Geo Wild returns to our screens...

Animal Fight Club returns for its sixth reason on Nat Geo Wild. While it’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted, it’s a thrilling ride for anyone that enjoys nature documentaries.

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Here’s why we think it’s worth a watch:

It’s brutally honest

Animal Fight Club certainly isn’t about cute animals living their best lives in the wild. No, this is an unflinching and painfully honest account of the tough struggle that so many wild animals - both on land and at sea - encounter.

animal fight club

As if the threat of humans isn’t enough, these wild animals must face competition from their own kind as well as for many the constant threat of predators. While it may not be very pretty at parts, Animal Fight Club is a heart racingly exciting animal documentary.

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It’s not just about predators

animal fight club

Given the programme's title you’d be excused to think this show is just about predators fighting for prey and amongst themselves, but Animal Fight Club proves that there is unrest and violence amongst virtually every wild species. In this documentary, it seems that no wild animal is ever safe at any given time.

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It’s heart-breaking

animal fight club zebras fighting

Expect some serious heartstring tugging throughout the series. In one scene you’ll see a male zebra attempt to drown a young foul in an act of dominance, while in another a quenched zebra herd finally reach a waterhole, only for several to become the long-awaited meal of crocodiles and a pack of lions.

It’s full of fascinating facts

animal fight club nat geo wild

The scenes are accompanied by expert commentary that’s jam-packed with fascinating facts. Did you know what wild African dogs are the most successful predators in the world? Or that lions' four front teeth can reach up to 7cm in length? You do now...

It feels like a movie

bird of prey

This fast-paced documentary series is so riveting it almost feels like you’re watching an action movies – though instead of superheroes or action stars – it’s some of nature’s most powerful predators and their prey as they battle it out between one another and amongst their own kind.

How to watch Animal Fight Club with BT TV

Animal Fight Club returns on Nat Geo Wild, BT Channel 318, on Monday June 11.

Nat Geo Wild is one of 60 premium channels available on BT TV along with other channels such as E!, Comedy Central, Discovery and many more.

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