5 reasons to watch Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week

Get ready for an action-packed week of wild cat documentaries as Nat Geo's crew tracks jaguar, cheetahs, lions and tigers right around the globe.

Move over Shark Week, Nat Geo Wild is set to swap the deep blue sea for the kings of the jungle in March as Big Cat Week returns.

Dedicated to big cats in the wild, the week celebrates the strength and prowess of these awe-inspiring animals and highlights their struggle to survive in a human-dominated world.

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Here are the highlights of Big Cat Week:

Jaguar vs Crocs

jaguar vs crocs

Who would win a fight to the death – a jaguar or a crocodile? You’re about to find out with Nat Geo Wild’s incredible one-off documentary Jaguar vs Crocs. Filmed in the Pantanal, which covers Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, the documentary crew track Scarface, an enormous but battle-scarred jaguar who seems determined to hunt and eat a caiman – a crocodilian reptile. You’ll see him almost catch the giant lizard multiple times – but will he make the kill?

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Man Among Cheetahs

man among cheetahs

Award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole tracks a fearless mother cheetah across the rough terrains of Kenya as she fights both for her own survival and that of her cubs. You’ll be taken through an emotional whirlwind as this plucky mother - vulnerable to other predators and humans alike - gives her all to protect her family.

The World’s Most Famous Tiger

world's most famous tiger

The late Machali was regarded as the most famous tiger in the world for years until her death at the unusually ripe age (for a wild tigress) of 19 years old. Living in India’s Ranthambore National Park, she became a favourite for wildlife photographers the world over, for her impressive size and distinctive fork-like facial markings. This documentary will explore her incredible life, and how her global fame brought in an average of $10 million a year for the National Park.

Lion Kingdom

the lion kingdom

The Lion Kingdom follows the saga of three lion families whose lives become intertwined by their individual struggles to both survive and thrive in the beautiful yet brutal oasis on the Mwagusi River in Tanzania. While the pride's existence seems picturesque and bountiful, all changes when thousands of buffalo arrive to drink, followed by a rival, powerful family – the Baobab pride.

Wild Little Cats

wild little cats

Wild little cats such as servals, lynx and sand cats may look mighty cute, but they are predators just like their larger cousins. Wild Little Cats explores a multitude of adorable yet undeniably feisty wild little cats and how they’re able to thrive in the some of the world’s harshest climates.

Big Cat Week starts Monday March 12 on Nat Geo WILD

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Photo Credit: National Geographic

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