5 reasons to love Quest’s new show Goblin Works Garage

Quest's brand new series highlights the adventures of a thriving custom car and motorbike garage in the UK.

Nestled in the English countryside is Goblin Works Garage, a company that aims to revive the appeal and craftmanship of custom design cars and bikes.

Such is their passion and excellence that the garage's owner, engineer, car lover and former soldier Jimmy DeVille and a team that includes veteran custom bike designer and builder Ant Partridge and renowned custom car designer Helen Stanley – are now the stars of Quest’s new series Goblin Works Garage.

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We asked the trio what series one has in store…

1. It’s an absolute must for custom cars and bike fans

goblin works garage

If you appreciate the artisanal finishes and touches that go into cars and bikes, then you’re going to absolutely love Goblin Works Garage. Each episode focuses on the creation or renovation of a stunning vehicle.

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“We did six cars and five bikes; we do a concept bike for Norton, a Harley Davidson flat track racer and a drag bike – which I then raced all over Europe. Then I did a tribute to motorcycling legend Freddie Spencer and we did a tribute to the first bike he ever won a championship on too,” Ant Partridge told us.

The trio work on some fantastic designs including a K3 Capri, Chevrolet Apache 1958, Datsun 290Z, MK 2 Escort, Series 2 Landover and a MGB Roadster.

2. There’s never a dull moment

goblin works garage quest

Ant said he’s proud that the show is naturally exciting and that they never had to ‘stage’ a storyline.

“The show is quite a real show - there are no setups. When we agreed to do this show we said we’re not up for fake scenarios or for producers telling us exactly what to do, we are quite happy for you guys to come and film us doing what we do rather than creating false scenarios. Everything that happens actually happened!”

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Not that they have to go out of their way to find fascinating and unlikely set pieces for the show. The garage's founder, Jimmy DeVille, listed some of the shenanigans we can expect in the first series.

“There are near disasters all the time! There will be a broken shoulder, a 94-year-old grandmother enjoying a ride down a drag strip, people often say if only you could see what goes on in our workshop they’d make a TV show of it! And we’re lucky enough to have a TV show that shows us what goes on in our workshop.

"We’re passionate about what we do and if that means we mess up sometimes, we’re happy about it!” said Jimmy.

3. There are some undeniably hilarious moments

The trio have a genuine bond and comradeship, and along with this comes lots of pranks and banter. In the opening episode for example, Ant helps clean the muddy window of Jimmy’s custom designed car by relieving himself over it:

“If I knew he was going to pee on my car I definitely wouldn’t have you let you anywhere near it!” Jimmy joked.

4.  It’s truly unique

goblin works garage

Typically shows of this nature focus on cars or motorbikes, and at times with a salesy edge, but not Goblin Works Garage. This show is more focused on the craftmanship and skills that go into creating unique designs and pays equal attention to both cars and bikes.

Ant said he believes this is a real first for British telly.

“I think this is the first time that a car show has had so much involvement with bikes… What’s good about our show is a lot of cars guys even if they don’t ride bikes appreciate the build quality, engineering and craftmanship, so hopefully this show will bring a lot more interest from different spectrum of people.

"We’ll attract the bike guys loving what we do with our bikes and then appreciate what we do with the cars – and then the car guys crossing over to an interest in bikes too.”

5. It’s not just for petrolheads

goblin works garage tv show

Custom car designer Helen emphasised that even if you don’t know a thing about cars or bikes, the chances are you’ll still enjoy this high energy and undeniably fun show.

“Even if you haven’t got a clue about cars or bikes I think you’ll still find it really entertaining and hopefully we can talk to a wider audience and educate a few more people on the benefits of custom design.”

Goblin Garage Works begins on Thursday January 11 at 9pm on Quest.

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