Take a look at our top 5 reasons why you’ll love Syfy’s Blood Drive

Fasten your seatbelts for a hilariously gore-ific ride.

If you’re at all squeamish, Blood Drive isn’t going to be one for you. But if you like camp horror, a bit of (well, a lot of) gore, and a shockingly hot cast then you’re not going to want to miss out on SyFy’s latest offering.

Still not convinced? Here’s why we think you’ll love Blood Drive.

1. It’s dystopian sci-fi at its best.

alan ritchson blood drive

Considering the current state of US politics and society, the dystopian nature of the show makes it feel especially fitting and relevant. Blood Drive is set in the near future in Los Angeles where global warming has caused limited water and fuel supplies.

Alan Ritchson plays Arthur Bailey, one of the last good cops left in this now totally corrupt city. He stumbles upon a truly sick car race, in which competitors must use human blood to fuel their cars. And it gets even worse - while whoever wins the race wins a massive cash prize, whoever loses must immediately die.

Arthur is forced to partake with racer Grace D’Argento (played by Christina Ochoa) and they quickly discover that this race isn’t some twisted underground act of rebellion against an oppressive society, but one run by megacorporation Heart Enterprises. Not only is Heart responsible for exploiting LA and its limited natural resources, but also for institutionalising Grace’s sister.

2. It makes Tarantino movies look tame.

grace d'argento blood drive

Blood Drive takes the grindhouse theme to the extreme – making the explicit gore we usually see in Quentin Tarantino movies appear tame in comparison.

This is a no holds barred X-rated show, featuring plenty of graphic fighting and sex scenes. The competitors in the Blood Drive race think nothing of luring victims to their car for fuel, or using sex as a weapon. Along the race we also meet just about every horror stereotype imaginable, including cannibals, zombies and evil scientists.

3. It stars some seriously good-looking actors.

blood drive stars

There’s no denying it, the cast of Blood Drive make for some seriously alluring eye candy. Of course the stars Alan Ritchson and Christina Ochoa are more than easy on the eyes but the supporting cast is also incredibly attractive.

Thomas Dominique plays Arthur’s police partner Christopher Carpenter who, while trying to save his partner and friend from the race, is tricked into entering Heart Enterprises where he is implanted with various modifications after he tries to escape.

Here he meets Aki, played by Marama Corlett, who, while she appears innocent at first, has been modified, is devoted to Heart Enterprises and has a crush on Christopher.

4. It’s surprisingly funny.

blood drive

Blood Drive never takes itself too seriously. It’s hard not to giggle at some of the gory scenes or even cheer it on. A tongue in cheek attitude from start to finish, the theme is less scary and more camp horror.

The actors themselves are very much in on the delicious silliness of it all, and are clearly having the time of their lives. There’s also plenty of jokes and humour in the dialogue – don’t be surprised if you find yourself squirming in one moment and then howling the next.

5. It’s not all fun and games.

christina ochoa blood drive

It’s not every day a show comes along where you can gasp as a cheerleading team are fed to a car bonnet that also serves as a human grinder while also questioning the ethics of capitalism.

Blood Drive is without a doubt a raucous watch, but it also contains some important themes and messages. From the theme of evil megacorporations to corrupt police to fracking to mental health funding cuts – it’s not hard to draw comparisons to today’s society.

Blood Drive starts on Thursday August 10th at 10pm on Syfy BT TV Channel 319/375 HD.

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