Check out the all-new BT TV app: Here are three reasons why you'll love it

The new app means you never miss a moment of your favourite TV and is free to all BT TV customers.

The new BT TV app is here and it is available free to all BT TV customers.

Available on mobile, tablet and laptop, the app provides a seamless experience between your BT TV box and your mobile devices.

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Here are three reasons to download the new BT TV app today:

1. Watch channels and on demand shows while on the go, on app, tablet and web

Whether you love the latest dramas on AMC or exclusive action on BT Sport, the new BT TV app lets you watch all the BT TV premium channels that are part of your BT TV subscription.

That means you can now watch all the best shows from Comedy Central, Syfy and Discovery on the go on your mobile device.

Also, all your favourite shows on the BT Player can now be watched seamlessly on the move. So if you’re watching the new season of Fear the Walking Dead on your BT TV box and don’t finish the episode, you can watch it on the app the next morning on the train to work.

The Continue Watching feature means it will pick up automatically wherever you paused the latest episode.

2. Set your recordings while you’re on the go

Don’t you hate it when you’re late at work or out with friends and you remember that your forgot to record your favourite TV show.

The new BT TV app means that you don’t need to worry about missing an episode of Bake Off or the latest AMC must-watch drama ever again as you can set your BT TV box to record a show from your device.

3. It's all free

If you're a BT TV customer, there is no extra charge - you can download it and start using it straight away.

Dowload the app now on iOS and Android. The web version of the app is coming soon.

New BT TV App


What can I watch?

You can watch both live TV and on demand content from the premium channels you subscribe to within your TV package. You can't watch PSB content (Freeview channels), Sky Sports, Sky Cinema or BT Music on the App.

How do I get set up?

You’ll need your BT ID set up to ensure you can watch as soon as the update is available. Not sure if you have a BT ID, or forgotten your login details? Visit here >

Get the BT TV app on iOS >

Get the BT TV app on Android >

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