5 royal wedding predictions from E! chief correspondent Melanie Bromley

E! News reporter Melanie gives us her royal wedding forecast on everything from what Meghan will wear and what to expect from her family to whether she'll upstage Kate...

British reporter and broadcaster Melanie Bromley will be covering the Royal Wedding from Windsor Castle as part of E! Live from the Royal Wedding, alongside Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, on Saturday May 19.

We chatted to Melanie, E! Chief Correspondent since 2012, to get her scoop on what she predicts will happen at the biggest event of the year…

1. No family embarassments

prince harry

Meghan's estranged half-sister Samantha Grant hasn't been shy to tell the world's media all about her famous relative, but the friction between the half-sisters means she won't be invited to her big day. 

Their father Thomas, however, will be there and is due to walk Meghan up the aisle. Melanie counts Thomas as a former colleague, and admits that she does feel a little sorry for him.

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“I don’t think her father will do anything controversial: he lives a very quiet reclusive life in Mexico. By the way he used to work at E! - he used to work for Fashion Police – isn’t that funny? I feel sorry for him as he didn’t seek out this out, in fact he left Hollywood for a quieter life. I can’t imagine how nervous he is: he has never even met Prince Harry before and now he has to walk his daughter down the aisle in front of several billion people!” Melanie told us.

2. A lesson in PR from Meghan

meghan markle suits

Melanie thinks Meghan is a perfect match for Harry. They have undeniable chemistry but she also believes Meghan's Hollywood background will do wonders for the Royal Family’s image.

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“Meghan is bringing a Hollywood element to the House of Windsor that we haven’t seen before. The House of Windsor is all about modernisation at the moment, and she can teach them about celebrity because ultimately the Royal family, the boys are celebrities and are followed like celebrities now. And she can actually teach them lessons about the PR game and how to handle that.”

3. A surprise dress designer?

royal wedding dress

Who will Meghan be wearing? This is the million-dollar question we’re all asking, says Melanie, and she has a few predictions of her own:

“I think the favourite at the moment is a Ralph & Russo dress which she wore one of their designs in their engagement photos.

"I've though for a long time that it was going to be Christopher Bailey who is leaving Burberry - I feel like it will be a last hurrah for him - but my hope is that she chooses an up-and-coming bi-racial British designer that ticks all the boxes and actually doesn’t draw attention to a designer that isn’t already established as this is such a unique opportunity.

"One of her best friends is Jessica Mulroney who used to work in a bridal store in Toronto and she had a ton of connections. Even picking an American designer would be lovely, I don’t have a problem with her picking an American designer either but I would prefer it was someone up and coming.”

4. The Spencer Tiara

spencer tiara

The late Princess Diana wore her family heirloom, the Spencer Tiara, on her wedding day on July 29, 1981, and Melanie thinks the iconic headpiece could make a comeback on Saturday:

“I do think my favourite prediction is that Meghan will wear the Spencer Tiara. The Spencer Tiara is this big honking ginormous diamond thing and actually it was Diana’s favourite and we haven’t seen it since Diana died. I’d love to see it atop Meghan’s head”

5. No upstaging of Duchess Kate

kate middleton meghan markle

However, Melanie is quick to point out that Meghan must not outdo the Duchess of Cambridge on her own big day.

“The problem is that Kate didn’t wear the Spencer Tiara at her wedding to William and in some ways Meghan can’t outdo what Kate did on her own wedding day.

"She just can’t there is an unwritten rule about it. But if there is any time for Harry to allow his bride to wear it it would be on that day so I do think we will see elements of Diana with things like that. It is a fairytale wedding and everyone is so excited and happy about it!”

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