Five series 8 Ex on the Beach secrets revealed

We talked to the new stars of Ex on the Beach on the drama and hook-ups awaiting us in the latest season of the MTV reality show…

MTV’s reality show Ex on the Beach is back for a drama-filled, boozed-up and surprisingly real new season – say the stars of Ex on the Beach series 8.

The hilarious and often jaw-dropping reality show sees sexy singles confronted by their exes at a tropical beach villa – with some exes seeking reconnection while others are out for sweet revenge.

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We sat down with the cast of the latest Ex on the Beach – Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson, Sofia Filipe, Charlotte Hughes, Casey Johnson, Marcel Stevens, Zach Tull and Tom Litten - to get the lowdown on what’s coming up…

Here are five series eight Ex on the Beach secrets we discovered:

Expect some recoupling and couple swapping

"There is definitely at least one couple who will get together!" Marnie Simpson (above) told us. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant is in an on-and-off relationship with Ex on the Beach co-star Casey Johnson.

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Meanwhile Charlotte Hughes told us some of the cast members may find themselves falling for other people’s exes – including herself:

“Emotions are running so high – I do move my attraction to someone else’s ex in the heat of the moment! But just for a split second! You’ll see!” Charlotte said.

Things will get physical – in more ways than one

Of course when a bunch of beautiful singles are forced to live together on a tropical beach location some hook-ups are virtually guaranteed. Sofia told us the producers even closed off the villa’s hot tub in anticipation.

“They covered up the hot tub! Didn’t want anything naughty happening in there. We could still use the pool though!” Sofia said.

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However, Charlotte (above) said things will also get physical in terms of fights, and we can expect a lot of drink tossing over the course of the season as tensions fly.

“It’s actual raw emotion! There are quite a few drinks thrown. You just get so lost in the moment and everyone can get carried away.”

Producers will have to step in

As with any reality show, there’s always going to be scepticism over just how real it is, and how much producer influence there might be. However, Sofia (above) said it was a surprisingly real experience for her.

“When I used to watch it I would think that must be fake. But when you’re in it, facing your ex, the emotions are so real! I’m not really a crier and I cried a lot!”

Meanwhile Marnie said instead of producers trying to ramp up the drama, they actually had to step in a few times to calm it all down.

“To be honest we found the producers trying to tone it down a bit! The producers don’t want physical drama but obviously there was!”

There’s a wild boat party

ex on the beach

The climax of the season is predicted to be a particularly wild party in which the whole cast goes more than a little wild, said Casey.

“Everyone gets drunk. Lots of crazy dancing. I think Marnie passed out. One of the girls get her t**s out! ‘Accidentally!’”

There will be a stunning twist

Ex on the Beach is known for its twists and turns as the season progresses – but Sofia and Charlotte said the major twist in this series is particularly jaw-dropping.

“There are a lot of twists! A lot of things that haven’t happened on previous seasons. It’s just different!” Charlotte said.

“There is one moment in particular, one twist where everyone will be like ‘Oh my god, I never saw that coming!'” said Sofia.

Ex on the Beach returns on Tuesday March 20 at 10pm.

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