Newcastle’s finest are back for a 14th series, with eight newbies moving into the house alongside returning Shore cast members Gaz, Sophie, Marnie, Chloe, Aaron, Nathan and Marty. (We hear Scotty T will be making a special appearance, so there’ll be a dose of his extra-special wit and wisdom on hand, too.)

If you want to keep up with the housemates’ shenanigans, and get to know the new recruits, you’ll need to brush up on some Shore-isms. Here’s our Geordie dictionary…

1. Tash on
Verb: To get off with, pull or snog.
‘I fancy tashin on tha, pet.’

2. Mortal
Adjective: Drunk. Very, very drunk.
‘Gannin the toon the neet, ta git mortal.’

3. Radgie
Noun: A violent or aggressive person, or a temper tantrum.
‘Divvin gan proper radgie, like.’

4. Worldie
Adjective: World-class.
‘Howay man, that lass is a proper worldie.’

5. In there like swimwear
Phrase: In like Flynn.
‘She’s a reet canny lass, I’m in there like swimwear.’

6. Pie off
Verb: To dismiss or reject.
‘She tried to tash on him, but he pied her off.’

7. Hyem
Noun: Home.
‘That lad’s got us proper radgie, I’m gannin hyem.’

8. Hoy
Verb: To throw.
‘I was that mortal, I hoyed her in the pool.’

9. Purely belta
Adjective: Very good.
‘That series 14 of Geordie Shore is purely belta.’

Geordie Shore series 14 starts at 10pm, Tuesday 28 March, MTV, BT channel 309.

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