Audiences first encountered Alien way back in 1979 and the space-based horror film spawned a massive movie franchise that to date has grossed well over $1 billion.

The latest instalment is Alien: Covenant, a sequel to 2012’s megahit Prometheus and a prequel to the classic original Alien movie.

Here’s why we think you’re going to love it:

1. It answers a lot of Prometheus’ questions

alien movie

While Prometheus was a monster hit at the box office, it did leave quite a few viewers scratching their heads at the plot. Complicated and mysterious to say the least, it left a lot of burning questions. Luckily, Alien: Covenant answers a lot of them, both regarding the mysteries left in Prometheus and even some unexplained events that occurred in the original.

2. Its cinematography is spectacular

As with Prometheus, the cinematography is absolutely breathtaking in Alien: Covenant. Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski is particularly crafty with his use of lighting, creating a beautifully bleak vision of a future world in space and the minimalistic design of the spaceship only adds to its visually eerie qualities.

3. It’s genuinely terrifying

alien covenant

A major complaint with Prometheus was that while aesthetically pleasing, it simply wasn’t scary enough. However, this all changes with Covenant as goes back to the originals gore-fest style. Providing a wise mix of suspense, surprises and graphic gore that sci-fi horror fans are bound to appreciate.

4. Its cast is awesome

The dynamic cast of Alien: Covenant includes Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, James Franco and Noomie Rapace.

Fassbender has been particularly praised by critics for his role as David Walter, who plays two androids, Walter and David. Walter is kindly whereas his ‘brother’ David has a distinctly sinister side that plays out in the movie in truly stunning fashion.

5. There’s a massive reveal

alien covenant

We can’t reveal what it is, but there’s an absolutely huge reveal in this movie that will throw many of your original Alien theories out the window.

Alien: Covenant is available to buy now on the BT TV Store. It is available to rent from September 18.

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