Record breaking magic from Disney, A-list remakes and one of the greatest horror movies of recent years are among the new releases on BT TV Store this month.

Here are our five film picks available to buy and rent in July.

1. Beauty and the Beast - Deluxe Edition - Buy on July 10th, Rent from July 17th

Beauty and the Beast

It’s a Tale as Old as Time, and it’s back for a major live action reboot starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Staying true to the original score, you’ll enjoy all of your Beauty and the Beast favourites, as well as a few new ones thrown in.

While it’s still the same storyline, you will learn some backstories to the characters. For example why Gaston is the way he is and more about the curse that’s enchanted the Beast and his castle. With rave reviews and grossing an incredible $1.2 billion at the box office, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re one of the few!

2. Boss Baby - Buy from July 25th, Rent from July 31st

A runaway hit, Boss Baby is a raucous comedy that follows Tim as a 7-year-old baby who discovers that his new baby brother is actually a “Boss” who devises a cunning plan to destroy puppies with the help of other babies. Jealous of the attention that puppies receive, Boss baby believes parents love puppies more.

Will Tim be able to stop Boss baby before it’s too late? The future of puppies depends on it! Voiced by major stars such as Lisa Kurdrow, Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi  and Tobey Maguire Boss Baby has been praised by critics for its ability to seamlessly intertwine adult humour into this kids themed movie.

3. Kong: Skull Island - Buy now, Rent from July 24th

Kong: Skull Island

King Kong is back, only this time he’s stuck on a remote Pacific Island. A group of scientists and Veteran war soldiers explore the island in which he inhabits, meeting both his mighty self and various other equally terrifying creatures.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and John C. Reilly, this movie received not only rave reviews but grossed over $655 million at the box office.

4. Get Out - Buy July 10th, Rent from July 24th

Another huge hit, small budget movie Get Out has become one of the biggest horror movies in years. Starring Skins and Black Mirrors actor Daniel Kaluuya and Girls actress Allison Williams, the film follows the two as an interracial couple who pay a first visit to Rose’s (Alison) parents’ house.

Things quickly get strange, as Chris (Daniel) notices that the African American residents and visitors of Rose’s parents’ house are more than a little peculiar and even at times zombie-like. The film quickly transcends into horror, with Chris struggling to escape unscathed.

5. Power Rangers - But July 17th, Rent from July 24th

It’s Morphin’ Time! 90’s classic kids series Power Rangers is back for a feature length movie. You’ll revisit all of your favourite Rangers and watch them battle to save the world against an alien threat.

While still including the original characters, they add some modern elements, such as featuring a LGBT ranger and an autistic ranger. Starring Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and Elizabeth Banks, you’ll want to check this one out if you were a fan of the original series.

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