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PJ Masks! PJ Masks! - Disney Junior, BT TV Channel 481 - Watch on the BT Player

PJ Masks on Disney Junior

Parents across the land will be familiar with the infectious theme tune ("Cos Bedtime! Is the right time! To fight crime! IcCan't think of a rhyme!") and every kid will have a favourite from the show's three heroes - Catboy, Gekko and Owlette.

If you're not familiar yet - where have you been?! - PJ Masks is the night-time adventures of Connor, Greg and Amaya, who activate their bracelets to turn into their crime-fighting alter-egos

Save the world with Henry Danger - Nickelodeon, BT TV Channel 483 - Watch on the BT Player

Henry Danger on Nickelodeon

Check out the latest episodes of this Nickelodeon modern classic and inspire your little ones to find their own inner superhero,

Henry Hart is still juggling school life with the superhero world as his alter-ego Kid Danger. As sidekick to super crime fighter Captain Man there’s always a world saving mission just around the corner.

With his secret life revealed to best friends Charlotte and Jasper can he keep his identity a mystery to the inhabitants of Swellview in this smash hit kids sitcom.

Descendants 3 is coming - The smash hit phenomenon returns - Disney Channel, 480


Disney's Descendants 3

The final Descendants film will premiere in the UK on Friday, October 11 at 5.30pm and the third installment in the musical series has already been a smash hit in the US with over 8 million viewers tuning in live.

By adding a modern twist to Disney's most treasured characters, the world of Descendants has become an instant classic with millions of fans around the world.

The soundtrack for the first two films topped the charts and the show's cast have become global stars with actress Dove Cameron picking up 25 million followers on Instagram and becoming one of the hottest properties in Hollywood.

Make sure you tune in to Disney Channel - BT TV channel 480 - to see the biggest kids TV event of 2019.

After School and Pre School Box Sets – Watch on the BT Player >

Ben 10

Even Rainy days can be fun days with box sets of all the best shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and more.

From classics like Ben 10 and The Thundermans to modern classics like Steven Universe and Regular Show, there is something for school kids of all ages.

We've also got a whole library of pre-school kids classics including Fireman Sam, Thomas and Friends, Peppa Pig and Curious George.

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