Britain’s Next Top Model – Meet the girls

Meet this year’s fresh faces competing to be crowned Britain’s Next Top Model.

Britain’s Next Top Model is back for its third cycle on Lifetime and its 12th season in total. Head judge, top model and WAG Abbey Clancy returns along with judge and famous fashion photographer Nicky Johnston. This year joining them as a third judge will be international male model Max Rogers.

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But perhaps most importantly, there will be 13 new beautiful girls hitting the runway to compete for the chance to win the prestigious title of Britain’s Next Top Model.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s meet the girls:

Tamsin Hough

tamsin model

She may look like a gentle English rose but this 20-year-old business student says she’s naturally very hyper, loud and very competitive. She says she may not make friends easily on the show as she wants that winner title so bad.

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Sophia Chawki

sophia chawki

This 20-year-old Essex native already knows a thing or two about beauty as she works as a patient coordinator at a plastic surgeon’s office. Her first brush with fame came when she was just a wee infant, on the Big Breakfast with Chris Evans and the late Paula Yates after her brother was forced to help deliver her in the family home.

Shaunagh Slattery


A fiery haired stunner, Shaunagh is 21 years old and is a student studying child development. She’s another one that declares she’s fiercely competitive and isn’t one to accept ‘No’ for an answer. She already has a modelling past as she appeared in a TV ad for Marie Claire and says she thinks she will naturally stick out thanks to her bright hair and naturally petite hair.

Ocean Lane

ocean lane

19-year-old Ocean splits her time between working for an online vintage store and at her local Tesco. She says she’s uber-focused and that her naturally calm disposition should help her get ahead. She’s not a fan of loud people – watch out Tamsin!

Martha Miller


Martha isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as part of the job, as she works as a painter and decorator by trade. The 23-year-old has a pet hate – bad teeth. However, she said she’s really quite down to earth as she grew up in a series of squats in East London with her punk rock mum and big sister.

Kira MacLean

kira maclean

Kira works in hospitality at a posh golf club and is 23 years old. The native Scot loves the outdoors and is a keen horse rider. She is a bit girly too though, being a big fan of skincare and make-up and hopes that moving away from the country for the show will open major doors for her future.

Gabriella Jukes

gabriela jukes model

This 20-year-old is another Tesco worker and also second year university student. She’s from South Wales but is keen to transition to city life and make it big time as a model. A sports student, she says she’s naturally a bit tomboy-ish but has been modelling since she was 17 years old – and absolutely loves it.

Ivy Watson

ivy watson

She may look all sweet and innocent but 22-year-old Ivy is a horror movie fanatic! She works as a hotel receptionist, says she’s a natural perfectionist but also something of an agony aunt with her mates. She thinks the latter will help her make friends in the model house and also declared that there is nothing she wouldn’t do in a photoshoot.

Louisa Northcote

louisa northcote

This 20-year-old Londoner is a fashion buying student at the London College of Fashion and is a bit posh. She was born in Singapore grew up in Dubai, where she found online fame as a vlogger. Her blog has been featured in major publications – including Grazia and Elle. She says she lives and breathes fashion and will miss her boyfriend most while on the show.

Georgia Mason Mottram

georgia mottram

Georgia may just be 18 years old but Georgia says she has a firm sense of self and is proud that her friends call her ‘weird’. She is a student studying film at Sussex University and she’s nuts about musical theatre and sport. She hopes her youth theatre work will help her stand out and impress the judges. She’s a self-confessed gossip but also can’t stand self-absorbed people.

Efi Muntoni-Clements


She’s already a working model, having appeared on a major billboard campaign, and has her own Etsy arts and crafts store – items for sale include handmade Harry Potter wands. This 21-year-old is proud of her voluptuous curves and hopes her self-confidence will wow the judges and show that successful models can come in all sizes and shapes. 

Alisia Grant

alisia grant

This 19-year-old works in her local Co-op but she believes she is meant for the runway. Often compared to her lookalike Naomi Campbell she’s long been encouraged to try her hand at modelling. She loves makeup and a bit of twerking and admits she does have a bit of a wild side. She’s not into gossip though – so watch out Georgia!

Cirrah Leah Webb


She’s only 18-years-old and she works as a part-time waitress. She’s a self-confessed party girl and absolutely loves to dance. Cirrah has done quite a bit of modelling already, having appeared in campaigns that include for Sports Direct. The only thing she’s worried about on Britain’s Next Top Model is the makeover episode – as she would hate for her hair to be cut too short.

Britain’s Next Top Model is on Thursdays on Lifetime at 9pm, BT Channel 329/384 HD.

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