BT TV customers get even more HD shows on-demand with UKTV deal

BT TV viewers will continue to get channels such as Dave, Gold, W, and Alibi, plus an enhanced catch-up service.

If you’re a BT TV customer, you’re about get even more choice than ever before with an enhanced catch-up service for UKTV’s channels such as Dave, Gold, W, Alibi, Good Food and Eden.

The new deal between UKTV and BT TV means that you will continue to get some of the UK’s best loved comedy on Gold, brand new and exclusive entertainment on Dave, as well as premium programming on W, Alibi, Good Food and Eden.

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UKTV’s 10 channels are home to award-winning UKTV Original series, exciting US premieres and the very best of the archive from BBC, ITV, C4 and more.

With new series and hugely popular shows such as Harrow, Taskmaster, Dad’s Army, Judge Romesh, Red Dwarf, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, Women on The Verge, Quantico and Carter, BT TV customers will have an exciting choice of UKTV’s exclusive content to watch live or on demand.

Taskmaster on UKTV channel Dave

(UKTV Original - Taskmaster)

The new deal also means that you will be able to watch even more UKTV shows on catch-up – just press the BT Player button on your remote control.

It means more HD content on your BT set-top box and an extended range of show available to download on the new BT TV app – which allows you to download and access content on the go.

The move, following the recent launch of Amazon Prime Video on BT TV, forms part of BT’s ambition to offer TV customers the widest choice of content through partnerships with the best content providers.

Tony Singh, content and business development director for BT’s consumer division, said: “Our continued UKTV partnership allows us to keep giving our customers a brilliant range of entertainment, comedy, drama, and lifestyle channels.

“Our customers love those channels and can, uniquely to BT TV, combine them with services like Netflix, Amazon and NOW TV to give them the flexibility to view a wide range of fantastic content.”

Simon Michaelides, chief commercial officer, UKTV, said: “We’re very pleased to be building on our already strong relationship with BT. UKTV channels play a significant role for BT TV customers, so it’s great to be able to extend our VoD services and give them more of the shows that they love, as well as an exciting and expanding portfolio of original new shows and exclusive acquisitions.”

UKTV's channels are part of the 60+ premium channels available on BT TV along with channels such as MTV, National Geographic, Discovery and HISTORY.

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