BT TV launches App Extra: Check out the great new features

Find out everything you need to know about the new BT TV App Extra and how to get it.

BT TV App Extra takes your viewing experience to the next level, giving you innovative ways to access content at home and on the move.

The enhanced app means you can make the most of your BT TV package and the incredible shows on AMC, BT Sport and all your premium subscription channels.

Keep reading for all the fantastic new features that make watching the TV you love, easier than ever before.

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What is new on App Extra?

App Extra takes the BT TV App to the next level, giving customers innovative ways to access content at home and on the move.

The most important enhanced feature is that you can download and play subscription catch-up content and your BT Store purchases and rentals.

If you want to watch the latest episode of AMC’s The Terror on your train or bus to work, just download the episode and then you can watch it offline on your commute without using up any data allowance.

App Extra will save any disagreements about what to watch at home as you can register the app on four devices.

The app is available on platforms including Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast and Apple TV, offering multi-room potential. You can watch AMC on your set top box in one room and at the same time cast the app with BT Sport.

The BT TV App means you can start watching BT TV today

New BT customers can start watching straight away on the BT TV App, so you don't have to wait for your set top box to arrive to start watching all the incredible content on BT TV.

Click here to sign up today for a new BT TV package – then just download the app and you can immediately watch all the best new shows from the channels included in your package.

There is no need to wait for broadband installation or a BT TV box – great news for anyone moving home.


What can you do on the BT TV App?

  • Watch all your premium subscription channels

Whether you love the latest dramas on AMC or exclusive action on BT Sport, the new BT TV app lets you watch all the BT TV premium channels that are part of your BT TV subscription.

That means you can watch all the best shows from Comedy Central, National Geographic and Discovery on the go on your mobile device.

  • Watch TV on the go

Also, all your favourite shows on the BT Player can now be watched seamlessly on the move. So if you’re watching the new season of Fear the Walking Dead on your BT TV box and don’t finish the episode, you can watch it on the app the next morning on the train to work.

  • The best viewing experience

The Continue Watching feature means it will pick up automatically wherever you paused the latest episode.

  • Remote record

You also no longer need to worry about forgetting to record your favourite TV series – the BT TV app allows you to set recordings from your device while you’re on the go and out with friends.

  • Buy and rent films and box sets

A new feature available now - buy and rent the incredible blockbuster films and box sets in the BT TV Store directly from the app.

From Oscar-winners and Marvel’s latest superhero smashes to the very best new US drama box sets from HBO.

How to get App Extra?

App Extra is available to all BT TV customers for only £5-a-month on a monthly rolling contract.

It’s available as a bolt-on to your TV package and can be purchased here > 

Get the BT TV app on iOS >

Get the BT TV app on Android >

You can also watch online with >

The app is also available to download on Apple TV, Chromecast and Samsung Smart TV.

Find out everything you need to know about the new BT TV App >

Can I still get the free BT TV App?

The free BT TV App is still available to all BT TV customers.

You can watch premium subscription channels including AMC and BT Sport, continue watching shows that you paused on your BT TV box and set recordings on the go.

The free app can be downloaded on 2 devices and watched on 2 devices at the same time.

Downloading catch-up content is not available on the free version of the app.


What can I watch?

You can watch both live TV and on demand content from the premium channels you subscribe to within your TV package. You can't watch PSB content (Freeview channels), Sky Sports, Sky Cinema or BT Music on the App.

How do I get set up?

You’ll need your BT ID set up to ensure you can watch as soon as the update is available. Not sure if you have a BT ID, or forgotten your login details? Visit here >

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