What is the BT TV Store and how do you use it?

A quick guide to the film and box set megastore available at your fingertips on BT TV.

BT TV customers get more than just an incredible selection of premium channels and sport – they also have access to the BT TV Store.

Press the BT Player button on your remote to buy or rent the latest blockbusters, fresh from the cinema. You can also buy or rent films on the BT TV Webstore or via the BT TV App.

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What is the BT TV Store?

BT TV Store

The BT TV Store is the home of films and box sets on the BT Player that are available to buy and rent at the push of a button.

You can find all the latest new releases, from box office blockbusters to addictive box sets of the biggest TV shows.

You can buy and own films, the latest episodes of your favourite shows and whole series box sets. They are then yours to keep and watch back when it’s convenient for you.

Customers can also rent films and episodes for a limited period.

The new BT TV Webstore

You can now buy or rent the latest blockbusters via the BT TV Webstore.

The launch of Webstore means you can buy and rent films directly from the BT TV App as well as through the desktop version of the BT Player.

Once you've bought a film or TV show on Webstore, you can watch them on the go via your mobile device or on your TV using the set-top box when you get home.

What films are available on BT TV Store?

BT TV Store

We've got the biggest new films and critically acclaimed classics that the whole family will love this summer.

The new Peter Rabbit movie is available to buy now along with the biggest blockbusters of 2018 so far, such as Black Panther, Tomb Raider and Jennifer Lawrence's Red Sparrow.

There is also a huge library of classic films to buy and rent in every genre, from romance and action to sci-fi and comedies.

What box sets are on BT TV Store?

BT TV Store

Don't miss out on the TV shows everyone is talking about – visit the Box Sets area and you'll find the biggest and best British and US dramas.

From pop culture phenomenon like Westworld, HBO's Game of Throne and AMC's The Walking Dead, and hit comedies like Modern Family and Veep to cult favourites lilke Lucifer, Supergirl and Preacher, we've got you covered.

How to find it?

It couldn't be easier. If you're a BT TV customer, hit the 'BT Player' button on your remote and scroll across the top menu to either 'Film' or 'Box Sets'.

You can then explore across genres, latest releases and the best offers.

If you already know the film or TV show you want, press 'Search' on your remote and type in the name.

How do you buy and rent films and box sets?

BT TV Store

After you've made your selection, tap on the image of the film or TV show to see the prices and options.

If you want to go ahead and buy, just tap on the price. If you're purchasing on Webstore, you only need your BT ID and Password. If you're using your set top box, enter your four-digit Payment Pin and it'll download straight away.

If you have a problem with your pin or want to know more, visit here >

How to find your purchases

Press the BT Player button and scroll across to 'My TV'. All your purchases will be stored here to watch when you like. You can find all your purchases online here >

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*Not all films and TV shows are available to both buy and rent.

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