Burden of Truth season 2 – How to watch: When is Kristin Kreuk’s legal drama back on TV in the UK?

Joanna is back with a new case revolving around hackers, activists and a political movement.

Burden of Truth was a hidden TV gem in 2018, creating a slow burn of excitement with its dark, mysterious and thrilling first season.

Starring Kirstin Kreuk as Joanna, a big-city corporate lawyer who switched from a powerhouse law-firm to Billy Crawford’s (Peter Mooney) local lawyers in her hometown Millwood, the series focussed on her fighting the case of five sick girls who were facing a legal battle with a Big Pharma company.

Rather than a standard procedural, Burden of Truth slowly unravelled a mysterious case across the first season that saw Joanna crusade for justice and uncover secrets about her own family history.

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Blending romance, mystery and family drama, there were plenty of questions and puzzles left hanging at the end of season 1 and finally fans will get some answers when the show returns.

If you didn't watch the first season, now is the perfect time to binge watch the box set on the BT Player or dive straight into season 2 with a new case to crack.

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3 reasons to watch Burden of Truth

Kristen Kreuk in Burden of Truth

1. Believe the fan hype

If you haven’t seen Burden of Truth yet,  a good indication of its quality is the show’s passionate fans on social media.

Just check out any of the dedicated social media fan accounts and you’ll get an idea of the love there is for this legal drama. And the fact they’ve given themselves the name Truthets, like followers of a teen boyband, showcases the sort of anticipation there has been for season 2.

Speaking about the show's dedicated fan base, Kreuk told Brief Take: "We have the loveliest fans for this show as the people who love the show, love the show, they're very passionate about it. [laughs]

"I went to go see a psychic in Winnipeg and it kind of got buggered because she was like 'Oh my God! You're on that show Burden of Truth. I love it' and she would just go on and on about how meaningful it was for her to see stories about real people that felt like it could happen in her community and has happened in her community."

2. Another slown-burn mystery

Peter Mooney in Burden of Truth

Speaking about the changes on season 2, Peter Mooney said: “Season one for me resolved in a really satisfying way, but there’s still something left.

"There's still a nagging something left at the end, and in season two, we take that little nagging something and blow it wide open. It turns out to be a much, much bigger thing than we might've thought.

"And the nice thing, too, is, for all the fans that were invested in season one…there’s some real payoffs we’re putting in place in season two because we’ve had that time to get to know the characters and to get to know their backstories and now we see that it’s all even more complicated than we thought."

And what do we know about the central mystery in season two? Apparently we can expect a rug to be pulled from underneath us in an early episode with a seriously huge twist.

"This season Joanna finds herself at a top law firm in Winnipeg ready to make a fresh start away from her previous firm,” said the show’s creators.

"There, a new client draws her into the shadowy world of hackers, activists and a political movement that won’t take any prisoners.

"The case leads Joanna through many twists and turns, until she eventually becomes a killer’s target. Her estranged father tries to assist her, which leads to an event that will change both their lives forever."

3. New stars and old faces

Burden of Truth season 2

Kreuk and Peter Mooney are back as Joanna and Billy, but they will have some new faces joining them in Millwood for season

Michelle Nolden plays Teddie Lavery, a lawyer who mentors Joanna and Varun Saranga is Noah, Joanna’s new client.

Andrew Chown joins as Bill's brother Shane and Raymond Ablack will play a young Steadman Lavery lawyer, Sunil Doshi.

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Burden of Truth season 2 premieres on Thursday, February 7th at 9pm on Universal TV.

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