Where is Jerry O’Connell’s detective drama Carter filmed?

The new Alibi series was filmed in the stunning location of North Bay, Ontario.

Brand new and exclusive to Alibi (BT TV channel 312), Jerry O'Connell (Sliders, Stand by Me) stars in the Canadian crime comedy-drama Carter.

After a public meltdown in Hollywood, Harley Carter, the star of a hit crime series, returns to his sleepy hometown of Bishop to take a break from the spotlight. Trouble is, he's so famous for portraying a fictional detective, his old friends and neighbours think he's just the man to investigate mysteries in Bishop.

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Will Harley's acting skills and on-screen experience translate to catching culprits in real life?

Where was Carter filmed?

Carter - Jerry O'Connell

The series was shot in the small town of North Bay, Northern Ontario in 2017.

Speaking to local press during filming, O’Connell said: “It's really fun to come to North Bay right now because I have a feeling it's right before the rest of the world finds out about it.

“The people are so nice. It's just a magical town.”

Candadian drama Cardinal is also filmed in the town and O’Connell said that he would love a crossover between the show shows.

The former child star revealed that he had visited local bars and eateries in the area with his co-stars including The Crown and Beaver Pub, Fraser Tavern, the Station Tap House & Steak Co and the Waltonian Inn on Lake Nipissing's south shore.

“North Bay is as much of a character in Carter as we all are, so it's sort of fun to really embrace that,” he said.

O’Connell’s co-star Sydney Poitier Heartsong said: “Everybody is welcoming and the city is beautiful. It's been a really, really wonderful experience for us.”

Carter on Alibi

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Jerry O'Connell on North Bay

Talking about the series to BT.com, O’Connell said: “I hadn’t been to North Bay before Carter and it is gorgeous. It’s a quaint little area and everyone there was so helpful and generous.

Carter on Alibi

“I’m used to shooting in places where people are annoying there’s a camera crew around. These people were giving us more and more access to not only the town and neighbourhood, but their actual homes.

“It was a beautiful experience. I hope Carter brings a lot of attention to the town of North Bay.”

How to watch Carter on BT TV

Carter starts on Alibi - BT Channel 312/382 HD on Wednesday, June 13th at 9pm.

Alibi is one of 60 premium channels available on BT TV along with other channels such as E!, Comedy Central, Discovery and many more.

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