Charlotte Crosby: Geordie Shore star tells us what’s coming up on her hilarious new reality show

The Geordie lass is now the star of her very own reality series on MTV - here's why she thinks you're going to love it!

We first met Charlotte Crosby in 2011 when she shot to fame as the breakout star of the first series of MTV's Geordie Shore.

Since then she’s gone on to win Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, popped up on 2015’s Ex on the Beach and co-hosted Tattoo Disasters UK among many other reality shows.

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Now she’s the star of her very own reality television series, The Charlotte Show, which offers unprecedented access to Charlotte’s rollercoaster life.

We sat down with Charlotte who told us what we can expect from her show…

You’ll see more of Charlotte than ever before

charlotte crosby

“The new show is all about me! The cameras follow us around everywhere, it is me at home, at work, with me friends with my family - it's everything.

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"It’s just my life followed by cameras! This is the realest, rawest version of me you are ever going to see.”

You’ll get to meet her mum… and she’s a character

charlotte crosby show

“You’re going to get to know a lot of my mum! My mum is hilarious. she is funnier than me. She's going to steal the show, I know she is.”

It’s like Keeping up with the Kardashians… sort of

charlotte crosby

“I think it is a version of the Kardashians because it is so real, but then obviously we are not as posh as them. So no, I guess it is just a whole new thing!”

However, Charlotte isn’t so sure the Kardashian clan would approve of her new show:

“They’d think it was crazy! They would look down on it I think. They didn’t like Jersey Shore, you know?!”

Major drama and bombshells are guaranteed

charlotte crosby

“The whole show is full of drama. I do so many things that I massively regret and if I could go back in time I would erase. I made mistakes. I found out things. Bombshells were dropped. This show is just so amazing!”

There’s a massive moment she’s dreading…

“If I could go back and change one thing I would, 100%! There is one massive regret that I am dreading being shown and dreading coming out. It's a massive, massive regret - but I can’t change it now.”

The Charlotte Show stars on MTV on March 28 at 9pm.

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