Chicago Justice: Philip Winchester's guide to your new TV addiction

The Universal Channel legal drama is being tipped as the successor to the classic US series Law & Order.

Chicago Justice is the latest thrilling drama series from TV powerhouse Dick Wolf – the creator of Law and Order and the hit Chicago franchise.

Starring Philip Winchester (Strike Back) and Carl Weathers (Rocky), the series follows Chicago’s State’s Attorney team of prosecutors and investigators as they deliver justice and navigate the murky and heated world of city politics.

We caught up with the show’s leading man, Philip Winchester, to find out why the Universal Channel (BT TV 320/385 HD) show will be our new Thursday night TV addiction.

1. Dick Wolf is a genius

Chicago Justice

"Look, it was amazing to be a part of anything from Dick Wolf. Let alone such an amazing character in what is essentially the new Law & Order.

"I feel incredibly privileged to be part of an amazing team like that and to come out of Chicago PD which is on its 4th year now and to work with such big names."

2. Peter Stone is our new TV hero

Chicago Justice

"He is the lead prosecutor and it is pretty black and white to him. If you break the law there should be consequences and the thing that is interesting about Peter Stone is he is the son of Ben Stone who was the original lawyer in the original Law & Order.

"So there is always this shadow of his father over him and that sort of dictates how he makes decisions and how to does things. He doesn’t want to live under the shadow anymore but he can’t help it – he’s a complicated character in that he’s always got this thing nagging at him – did I do as good as my father, will I be as good as my father, will I be compared to my father.

"He’s also got an incredible soft spot for the victim and he prosecutes sometimes almost too much because he wants to get justice for these people and he will go right to the limit of breaking the law but he won’t break the law. He cares about these people and will do what it takes to get justice."

3. It's a sequel to Law & Order

Chicago Justice

"Law & Order was just such a staple for me, it’s always on, always around and Michael Moriarty as Ben Stone was such an amazing actor and you could really see him fine tune into these amazing monologues and poignant moments and he was so good at it.

"Law & Order was always there and when we found out that this is essentially the new Law & Order there was a lot of pressure because it was so timeless and the things they were talking about were so important.

"Take away the dated suits and cell phones and you could put it on the telly today as a new show and it would stand up."

4. The show taps into 2017 politics

Chicago Justice

"You see things politically happening in Britain and in America right now and you just think how was this legal? How is this happening?Why aren’t people standing up against it? And so I enjoy that part of Peter Stone and really identify with it."

5. The show has an incredible cast

Chicago Justice

"I am most proud that this cast has come together to do something that is really very difficult. Carl was an action guy, Jon Seda moved from a completely different show but same world, Joelle Carter has this fun action quirky background and then Monica Barbaro, this is her first major thing.

"What I didn’t know going into it was you are in essence thrust into this family situation with people you are going to be together with for six months to a year and you just fall in love with one another. You love the process, you love like a family, bicker like a family, fight for your family and party like a family and make a success together. It’s definitely a family and you can feel that on the set."

Watch Chicago Justice on Thursdays at 9pm on Universal Channel from March 30th.

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