Blood Drive premiere: Exclusive interview with Christina Ochoa

Christina Ochoa talks to us about gore, grindhouse and the deeper messages within Blood Drive.

Much like her new show Blood Drive, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to Christina Ochoa. The glamorous 32-year-old Spanish actress is also a published science academic, magazine writer and podcaster.

“My background is science, I am a very strong advocate in science education - I don’t know how much it came into play in Blood Drive because cars run on blood are quite hard to explain scientifically,” Christina told us.

“But there is actually such a thing as a blood lamp that runs on blood and creates electrical current! So there is a science theme here!”

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Christina says the multi-layered aspect of her character Grace is what persuaded her to star in Syfy’s new dystopian sci-fi show Blood Drive.

“When I first read the script I was shocked and was, ‘what the f***!’ Then I fell in love with Grace immediately after page one of the script, that initial scene, I just fell in love with her. She was unapologetic, smart, funny, a badass and strong - and I just really liked how powerful she came off the page to me,” Christina said.

Her character Grace D’Argento partakes in a morbid race set in the near future in Los Angeles. A race like no other, the cars need human blood for fuel and the participants must kill their victims. Grace’s goal is to win the race and the $10 million cash prize so she can free her sister Karma from an institution run by the corrupt Heart Enterprise.

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“Grace starts off very remote and distant from any human connection other than from her sister Karma and I think throughout the show, and mainly throughout her interactions, she kind of gets in touch with her humanity again and her empathy and she kind of grows into that throughout the series,” Christina said.

Filmed in the cult favourite grindhouse style, made famous by the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, Christina says while she wasn’t that familiar with the theme, she absolutely loved immersing herself in the genre.

“I can’t say I was very well versed in the grindhouse genre! But obviously I enjoyed it. What is there not to love about this kind of content? It has gore, violence, humour, it doesn’t take itself seriously, you’re laughing left and right, you’re getting all that energy and entertainment through very action-packed thrilling adventure.”

And as Christina says, Blood Drive isn’t simply about sex, violence and cars – this is all combined by the show’s writers to represent much more timely and serious issues.

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“It’s our little soap box. Regardless of what the genre encompasses, Grace is a very powerful female. The global warming issues, the fracking, tackling the election – all of those issues are things that I feel are very present in the script and James Roland (Blood Drive’s creator) did a fantastic job at making them fit into the story and I am incredibly proud to be behind them.”

As to why she thinks we should tune into Syfy’s wild new show, she says quite simply, there’s nothing like it out there on the telly right now.

“There is nothing like it on TV! How great is it to take a risk and create something that is not like anything else. Second of all, every single time they say we’ve crossed the line, we find 20 new lines to cross for them! If you are interested in having your foundations shaken and pushed a little bit, I think you are really going to enjoy Blood Drive.

“Also, it’s a really bloody, fun ride!”

Blood Drive is every Thursday at 10pm on Syfy BT TV Channel 319/375 HD.

Blood Drive Episode One is available to watch now on the BT Player.

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