Coronation Street spoilers - It's not Ken's week...

When Daniel reveals he won't be attending Oxford, Ken manages to make the situation much worse...

Last updated: 18 March 2017 - 01.35pm

When Corrie started, Ken was a young whippersnapper who was going to change the world. Instead, he's been stuck in the same street, leaving his potential unfulfilled - something he's keen that Daniel shouldn't do.

So you can imagine his enraged response to the news that his son won't be taking up a place at Oxford in order to stay in Weatherfield with Sinead. But what Ken doesn't realise is that she's pregnant. However, after imploring her not to hold Daniel back, she makes a big decision that will rock the earnest young man.


Meanwhile, Tracy overhears her dad telling Sinead how he wasted his life with Deirdre, which she understandably resents - and you can bet that she won't let it lie; Ken should probably brace himself for some kind of revenge act.

Ken also sticks his oar into Peter and Toyah's relationship after meeting Chloe, Anna bans Faye from seeing Seb and Steve is given access to Oli.

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