10 reasons we love Despicable Me star Steve Carell

From Michael Scott and Gru to his incredible tweets, there are lots of reasons to love the ‘nice guy’ of Hollywood.

Steve Carell was once named America’s Funniest Man and he has the Golden Globes and Emmys to prove it.

The star of the American version of The Office, where he played the lovable but useless boss Michael Scott, has been making us laugh for over 15 years with Anchorman, The Daily Show, Get Smart and the incredible Despicable Me franchise.

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He’s also turned his hand to drama, winning an Oscar-nomination for the powerful and dark Foxcatcher and critical acclaim for Little Miss Sunshine and The Big Short.

To celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3 on the BT TV Store this week, here are 10 reasons we love Steve Carell.

1. Michael Scott

Steve Carell in The Office

If you’ve never seen the US version of The Office, stop reading this now and go start watching it now from the start. What began as a remake of the classic BBC sitcom, turned into an epic love story filled with heart and warm, silly, joyous comedy.

Steve has played dozens of characters since The Office, but he will always be the hapless Michael Scott in our hearts. In the first couple of seasons, Michael is the centre of incredible slapstick and big belly laughs, but by the end of his time on the show it’s almost impossible not to shed a tear.

2. That's what she said…


For giving the world one of world’s naughtiest catchphrases, we salute you Steve.

3. His incredible Twitter account

Steve Carell Twitter

4. He’s Hollywood’s 'nice guy'

Just don’t call him that to his face.



5. Gru

Despicable Me

The Despicable Me franchise has become a phenomenon for two key reasons. 1. Minions. 2 Steve Carell. His voiceover as the lovable supervillain Gru means that the animated series is as much a hit with parents as their children.

6. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The Judd Apatow film brought together Steve with Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jane Lynch, Kat Dennings, Elizabeth Banks, Mindy Kaling and Jonah Hill 12 years ago and the outrageous sex comedy remains a classic – no matter how many times ITV2 repeat it.

The movie also featured cameos from Steve’s wife and his future Office co-star Jenna Fischer and Phyllis Smith.

7. I Love Lamp


Anchorman is one of the most quoted films of all time, but even in among some of Hollywood’s comedy heavyweights, Steve’s performance as the bizarre Brick Tamland stands out.

His famous “LOUD NOISES!” line was even shouted out during a quiet moment at Wimbledon a couple of years ago.

8. Making us cry in Crazy, Stupid, Love

“I have loved her, even when I’ve hated her.”


9. He can play any character


We’ve already mentioned his diversity, but it’s worth stressing that not many actors could go from the The 40-Year-Old Virgin to the darkness of his performances in Little Miss Sunshine and Foxcatcher.

Could some of the incredible dramatic actors in Hollywood switch it up for big belly laughs and comedies as good as Steve’s back catalogue? We doubt it.

10. The Daily Show


Steve’s big breakthrough came on TV with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, where he became one of the show’s best loved and most memorable correspondents, alongside Stephen Colbert.

A particular highlight came when he actually got to interview Presidential candidate John McCain and for one brief moment he flipped the comedy script on its head.

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