Disney’s The Lodge: Exclusive interview with Sophie Simnett, Thomas Doherty & co.

The stars of Disney’s hit musical series The Lodge chat to us about season two, emojis, on set pranks and more.

What can we expect with season two of The Lodge?

Luke Newton (plays Ben): What has been really interesting for me this year is last series I was obviously very focused on the love triangle but this year, Ben is able to focus more on the sports, it will be a little bit of love triangle but also focus on a lot of the sports. I will be shown doing a lot of sport with both Thomas and Jayden, Jayden is more involved in the guy time with us.

Bethan Wright (plays Danielle): There is so much going on and each character this season. I think there will be a character everyone will be able to connect with. There are characters that are bold, shy, tomboy, and they are all just trying to figure out themselves. It is very relatable.

Thomas Doherty (plays Sean): In terms of the actual storyline, the drama in series two is much more intense. It will definitely focus more on some mystery.

What has it been like filming the new season?


Sophie Simnett (plays Skye): I think we just feel so much more comfortable now and we totally get and understand the characters more and we all laugh when we read the scripts and think 'yeah that is exactly what he or she would say in that situation!'

Jayden Revri (plays Noah): I think because now we know all the crew that allows us to be a lot more relaxed. It’s not like the first day of school at year 7! We all know each other and are comfortable around each other.

Thomas: Obviously with last season everything was new, it was our first big jobs, it was so big. Whereas now we know what to expect, we know each other so well. The last day of filming last season was also the first day of filming the second season and it was just such a difference compared to our very first day.

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Are there any pranksters on set?

Jade Alleyne (plays Kaylee): Last year I cling filmed Jayden’s bed, actually his whole room, just wrapped everything! And Jayden used to always be very tired and slow about getting up so I put cheerios in his sink and wrote “tuck in” on a sign. It was very thoughtful of me really!

Luke: I pull a lot of pranks on set…I’ve got a bank of prank ideas I’ve put on my phone just waiting to do!

If you were an emoji which one do you think you’d be?

Bethan: Sassy lady with the red dress! I was wearing a red dress the other day and I was like wow I am the emoji!

Skye: I would be the “hmm” face!

Thomas: Definitely the frowning side eye face!


If you could play any character in a Disney live action remake who would you choose?

Skye: The chick from Tangled, I love her!

Thomas: I’d like to be the bad guy in Hercules – Hades! I really want to shave my head and this would be the perfect excuse!

Jayden: I know it’s an animal, but I’d love to play Simba!

Jade: Princess Jasmine – 100%!

Who are your biggest music influences?

Luke: Elvis

Skye: Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald

Thomas: I love Childish Gambino at the minute

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What advice do you have for all the aspiring actors and singers out there?

Alex: Show people what you can do! If you are nervous about singing in front of people just do it and eventually you’ll become less nervous and you’ll also get some good feedback.

Jade: Keep doing it! Keep going at it and you’ll get better!


Jayden: Believe in yourself! Some drama schools and stage schools can be really expensive so you can always look up monologues and acting tips online. I once heard a speech at school where they said try to do one small thing every day that can help your future career. So you could look up a director or a casting director, or go to a new play – just one little thing and you can then build it up from there! You’ll probably be surprised at how much you can do!

Alex: I started off at a local stage school and then from there just went to loads of auditions and it all took off. Start small and local and it can lead to amazing things!

The Lodge will return to the Disney Channel, BT channel 480, for Season Two on Friday 9th June at 5:30pm.

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