Drunk History exclusive: Ashley Walters talks Charles the 1st, his boozy habits and Doctor Who

Drunk History is back with a brand new series on Comedy Central this week with more celebs, more laughs and more booze than ever before.

Featuring famous comedians getting very merry and retelling historical stories that they’re passionate about, this is a history lesson quite unlike anything you got at school.

As they narrate these stories, slurred word for slurred word, a host of well-known actors, celebrities and other comedians act out the new, rather blurry versions of history.

Top Boy actor Ashley Walters is among the stars acting in the new series and we grabbed him for a quick chat about what we can expect.

Were you a fan of Drunk History?

I had never watched the show before I was offered the episode. So I looked back in history, as it were,  and I downloaded the whole thing and I thought this would be a something really interesting for me to do.

It’s an interesting way of looking back at something that could be quite dry, it’s something totally different for me and some absolutely brilliant comedians have done the show, so it just felt right.



Who are you playing?

I’m playing Charlie, Charles the 1st and I'm beefing with Cromwell.

Normally I get to play moody gangsters, so it was great to go film and have a laugh.

How difficult is it to film when you read these crazy scripts?

It’s extremely difficult to film. We’re controlled by the narrator and the tricky thing was the lip-syncing, understanding the rhythm of how someone talks and the timing. I think my musical background helped with that.

It was really, really funny and it was hard to keep it straight all the time, but we got through it. It was just great fun to make.

Drunk History on Comedy Central

(Chris O'Dowd on Drunk History)

Would you like to do more comedy?

I’ve been working on some ideas along those lines actually. But the thing with me is that I’m only funny for my mum. As soon as I step on the stage, it just doesn’t seem to work. I did some Comedy Shorts with Adam Deacon and Adam was the funny one. You know, you always need the balance. I’m the Ice Cube to the Kevin Hart.

Would you like to have a go at the drinking part of the show?

I’d like to give it a try, but I’d struggle to say anything. After one brandy, I’m already slurring. I’m quite a lightweight. I’ve seen some of the episodes where they are bladdered, but I think after a few vodkas and brandys I’d struggle with the story – I wouldn’t even know what it was.

I’m someone who goes out on the night out with new threads, new shoes and then wakes up the next day on a bus not knowing what’s just happened.

If you could have a drink with any person from history, who would it be and why?

I would love to have a chat with Michael Jackson. For the sole purpose of seeing if he has a deep voice or not. A lot of people say he actually had a deep baritone, but then on TV he always had the high pitched squeaky voice. I would love to spend some time with him.

Ashley Walters on the red carpet

If you go back to any period in history when would it be?

Maybe, when my gran came over to the UK. She owns so much property now. She bought some houses really cheap back in the day for 10 grand or 5,000 grand and now well… I’d like to go back and exploit the property market.

You’ve appeared in Doctor Who before – would you fancy being the new Doctor?

I would, I love that show. I’m not fanatical about it, but it has been part of my life, all my life. My uncles are a bit older than me and they’re obsessed by it.

The Christmas special is a huge thing in our house. The only TV show that I’ve been in that my uncle gives me recognition for is Doctor Who. I would love to do a show like that. The only worry would be what would happen after. If you stay in something for too long, it’s very hard to move on to something else without them just thinking of that character and I love doing one-off dramas and movies.

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