Dublin Murders: Meet the cast and characters of the BBC One thriller

Killian Scott and Sarah Greene star in the supernatural crime drama, which is going to have you hooked this autumn.

BBC One has been knocking it out of the park with dramas this autumn. Peaky Blinders, World on Fire and The Capture have been among the best series of 2019.

But Dublin Murders – which airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm – is probably the best of the lot. Written by Sarah Phelps and based on the Tana French Dublin Murder Squad novels, this is a detective show unlike any other you’ll see this year.

An unmissable psychological and emotional thriller, this eight-episode drama is not to be missed.

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Meet the cast and characters of Dublin Murders on BBC One.

Killian Scott – Plays Detective Rob Reilly

Killian Scott as Rob Reilly in Dublin Murders

Rob is the one English character – although he is played by Irish actor Killian – who has come to Dublin to be part of the murder team with Detective Cassie Maddox.

"In the process of investigating this murder over the course of eight episodes, we see Rob and Cassie’s lives begin to self-destruct," said Killian.

"By virtue of this particular case both he and his partner Cassie begin to unravel, in the sense that a lot of regular boundaries are crossed, both personally and professionally. We also see how far people go to get what they perceive to be the truth. I would say that’s where Rob’s real fixation lies: it’s in the truth, which he pursues ruthlessly."

Who is Killian Scott?

Killian starred in the award-winning crime drama Love/Hate, the BBC dramas Strike and Ripper Street and the films Calvary, 71 and The Commuter.

Sarah Greene – Plays Detective Cassie Maddox

Sarah Greene as Cassie Maddox in Dublin Murders

Rob’s partner is "quite a young detective detective" who has risen up the ranks rapidly after a stint undercover.

"She’s a very determined and very headstrong and is also a very manipulative person," said Sarah Greene.

"There’s two sides of her personality and she is fighting with her darker side as the story evolves."

"[Rob and Cassie] have a shared guilt of surviving. They both survived traumas in their past and that binds them together."

Who is Sarah Greene?

Sarah is best known for her role as Hecate Poole in Penny Dreadful and has also starred in the TV series The Assets, Ransom and Psych Ward. She recently appeared on the big screen in the films Black 47 and Burnt.

Conleth Hill - Plays O’Kelly

Conleth Hill as O'Kelly in Dublin Murders

O’Kelly heads up the Dublin Murder Squad and is the boss of Rob and Cassie. He’s an old-fashioned Superintendent, who doesn’t follow modern rules of political correctness.

Who is Conleth Hill?

The Northern Irish actor is best known for his role as Lord Varys in Game of Thrones, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with Ewan McGregor, Woody Allen’s Whatever Works and an unforgettable cameo in Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor – Plays Detective Frank Mackey

Tom Vaughan Lawlor in Dublin Murders

If the shows goes on to get a second series, the format is expected to follow the style of the books with new lead characters taking over – which would mean Frank taking over the direction of the show.

In this series, Frank looks after the Undercover team.

"I would describe Frank as a renegade," said Vaughan-Lawlor. "And I suppose he is really an anarchic, he is irreverent and anti-establishment and his moral code is ambiguous."

He hand-picked Cassie for her undercover role and the pair have a “paternal and sexual” relationship.

"He’s not a villain, but not quite a goodie," he added.

Who is Tom Vaughan-Lawlor?

You may have seen him before as Malacki Byrne in Peaky Blinders, Ebony Maw in Avengers: Infinity War and Nigel Delaney in Love/Hate.

Peter McDonald – Plays Jonathan Devlin

Peter McDonald in Dublin Murders

The father of a girl found murdered in the woods, Jonathan is the head of an unusual family.

Who is Peter McDonald?

His TV credits include The Last Kingdom, Green Wing, Moone Boy,  Thirteen, The Stag, The Damned United and No Offence.

Leah McNamara – Plays Rosalind Devlin

Rosalind Devlin

Rosalind is the older sister of the victim at the centre of the series.

Who is Leah McNamara?

She is best known for her role in History’s Vikings and the horror film Nails.

You will be seeing more of her on the BBC very soon when she takes a lead role in the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People.

Kathy Monahan - Plays Margaret Devlin

Kathy is the mother of the promising ballet star, who is the murder victim in episode one.

Who is Kathy Monahan?

She starred as Eira in season 6 of Vikings.

Moe Dunford – Plays Sam O’Neill

Moe Dunford in Dublin Murders

A reliable and cheerful member of the Dublin Murder Squad.

Who is Moe Dunford?

You may have previously seen him in Game of Thrones, The Tudors and Vikings seasons 2-5 as Aethelwulf.

Eugene O'Hare - Plays Detective Quigley

Eugene O'Hare in Dublin Murders

Quigley is the butt of the Dublin Murder Squad jokes in episode one and gets a rough time from the team’s boss O’Kelly.

Who is Eugene O’Hare?

You may have previously seen him in The Fall, Black Mirror, Waking the Dead or Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. He is also currently working on season 3 of ITV’s Marcella with Anna Friel.

Shereen Martin – Plays Sophie Miller

Shereen Martin plays Sophie Miller

A forensic expert working for Cassie and Rob on the crime at the centre of the series.

Who is Sophie Miller?

She plays Kirsty in BBC series The Loch and has TV credits including DCI Banks and Midsomer Murders.

Ellie O'Halloran, Michael D'Arcy and Niall Jordan -  Play Jamie, Adam and Peter

Young Jamie, Adam and Peter in Dublin Murders

These are the three children who went missing in the Knocknaree woods in 1985 and Peter and Jamie were never seen again.

The mystery is even more compelling because of the lack of evidence and Adam's complete memory blackout of the events.

The trio are played by three newcomers, although you may have seen Ellie before in Roddy Dolye's 2018 film Rosie.

Carolyne Bracken - Plays Sandra Sculley

Carolyne Bracken as Sandra Sculley in Dublin Murders

Sandra is a cleaner at the ballet school where the murder victim Jessica Devlin was a rising star. Sandra also has connections to the 1985 mystery.

You may have seen actress Carolyn Bracken before when she appeared in Line of Duty series 4, The Fall series 3 and The Savage Eye.

Ian Kenny - Plays Phelan

Ian Kenny as Phelan in Dublin Murders

The youngest member of the murder squad is played by Fair City's Ian Kenny. He played TJ Deegan in the Irish soap opera.

His other TV credits include roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rellik and Sing Street.


Ericka Roe - Plays Alannah Shorey

Alannah Shorey played by Ericka Roe in Dublin Murders

As well as starring Dublin Murders, Ericka's upcoming screen roles include playing Stacey in Rachel Carey's comedy film Cutters and a lead in the short film Creep Catchers.

You may recognise her from Irish TV dramas Taken Down, Jelly Baby and A Different Kind of Day.

Alexandra Moen - Plays Simone Cameron

Alexandra Moen plays Simone Cameron

Playing the teacher at Jessica Devlin's ballet school, Alexandra has previously starred in a series of classic British TV series.

She played Emily James in Hotel Babylin, Eve in Luther, Jane Bingley in Death Comes to Pemberley, Tamsin in Tripping Over, Cathy Reading in Waking the Dead and Lucy Saxon in Doctor Who.

Jonny Holden - Plays Damien Donnelly

Jonny Holden plays Damien Donnelly in Dublin Murders

Damien is brought into the story as he works on the archaeological dig, near where Katy’s body was found, and he is questioned by the police.

You may have seen Jonny Holden before in Channel 4 comedy Friday Night Dinner, W channel's Women On The Verge. He will also appear in Channel 4's upcoming thriller series Baghdad Central.

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