EastEnders spoilers: Whitney opens up to Woody

Whitney opens up to Woody and Lauren tries to make a good impression at her new job...

Last updated: 09 May 2017 - 10.30am

The atmosphere is tense at the Vic as the Carters wait for news on Lady Di, so Woody tries to cheer everyone up by throwing a birthday party for Ollie - well, both his parents are mysteriously indisposed right now, so someone has to do it.

Whitney isn't really in a party mood, especially after receiving a visit from Lee's friend Moose, but agrees to pick the birthday boy up anyway - and is surprised when Woody insists on coming with her. During the journey, she finds herself opening up to him and is grateful for his words of support, but does she want more from him than just a shoulder to cry on?


Elsewhere, Lauren is worried about making a good first impression at her new job, but Steven clearly thinks she should have other priorities when he turns up to the office with Louis.

Kim and Sharon both try to find out what is going on with Denise, and Stacey encourages Martin to talk to Michelle. Meanwhile, Abi does what so many other people in a flatshare have done before her, and resorts to labelling all her stuff.

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