EastEnders Spoilers - will Michelle ever learn?

Michelle plans a night out with Preston that will leave 10-year-old Dennis home alone.

Last updated: 20 March 2017 - 1.38pm

No wonder Michelle lost her job as a teacher - not only can she not be trusted to keep her hands off the older students, it seems she's not very good at looking after the younger kids either.

This week, she's reduced to pleading with 10-year-old Dennis to ease off on his blackmail demands, before heading out for what is supposed to be a romantic day with Preston. When that doesn't go to plan, her teenage lover thinks they should have a night out instead, but that means leaving Dennis home alone...


Elsewhere, Lauren confides her romantic troubles in Whitney, who encourages her to fight for her relationship. But is that what Lauren wants to hear, or was she hoping to be told that she should just cut her losses and dump Steven?

Jay and Kathy insist on celebrating Ben's 21st birthday, whether he wants to or not, while Abby seems to be planning to give him Johnny as a present.

Denise braces herself for a community meeting and what she thinks will be a stern talking-to at the Minute Mart HQ, and Mick organises a pub quiz with his loyal little helper Whitney.

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