Eden on BT TV: How to watch

UKTV's Eden is one of the extra entertainment channels available for BT TV customers.

Last updated: 13 February 2017 - 4.37pm

Channel Name: Eden

Channel Number: 315

What's On:

Attenborough's Big Birds - Thursday 23rd February

David Attenborough presents this quirky film about the world's oddest birds; the ratites that have never and will never fly.

From kickboxing kiwis and enigmatic emus to the enormous and extinct elephant bird of Madagascar. Weird and wonderful, these seemingly bird-brained creatures look like the court jesters of the natural world. But behind the funny faces are a family of birds that are often mad, sometimes bad and always hell-bent on survival.

Coming Soon:

UK Premiere: A New Prehistory - Monday, March 13th 

Thanks to new technologies combining genetics, ethology, geology and even particle physics, paleontologists can now recreate the missing branches of the tree of life. Assumptions have been shattered and all the rules are changing. Now, paleontologists can finally answer three vital questions: where do insects come from, where do birds come from, and where do mammals come from?
This series brings these forgotten creatures to the screen and explores the ideological controversies or frauds that accompany their discovery, presenting them all as thrilling scientific adventures.

The series walks alongside scientists in an awe-inspiring world - dodges out the way of the great predatory dinosaurs, ducks from the flightpaths of dragonflies larger than seagulls and evades herds of huge feather-covered T-Rexes.

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