Emmerdale Spoilers - Faith reveals her new "gift"

Emma gains a new enemy after discovering Faith has psychic powers..

Last updated: 19 March 2017 - 03.59pm

Faith Dingle reveals she's a psychic, which should be good news for the locals - they could use someone who can tip them off before the next disaster befalls the village.

However, when Faith plans to share her 'gift' in the pub, Emma starts to panic about which spirits will get in touch and heads to the church to pray for forgiveness. So, when Faith later starts channelling someone who sounds an awful lot like James, Emma isn't sure if she overheard the confession or if the farmer is genuinely seeking justice from beyond the grave. Either way, it seems Emmerdale's very own Mystic Meg may have just made a dangerous enemy among the living.


The church is busy this week as Harriet also discovers unlikely convert Cain in the pews - although sadly, he's only there to hide a consignment of dodgy phones.

Carly struggles with her guilt after she fails to help a choking April, Aaron receives news about his appeal and Ashley returns to the village to celebrate Sandy's birthday. Everything goes well until Ashley takes his old cassock back to the care home, where a member of staff assumes he's a visiting vicar and lets him walk off on his own...

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