Ex on the Beach: Body SOS - Who is Charlotte Holmes and the fitness gurus? Meet the trainers

The new MTV series with Vicky Pattison premieres on Wednesday, January 17th at 8pm on MTV.

Already ditched your New Year resolutions? Is your gym membership covered in dust? Are those extra pounds from the Christmas turkey still lingering as head into February?

MTV and Vicky Pattison have the answer to your body hang-ups with new series Ex on the Beach: Body SOS.

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Ex on the Beach: Body SOS

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Vicky and her squad of trusty trainers will be taking on two lucky individuals per episode, as they transform from eating kebabs to rock-hard abs.

Whether exercising for the first time or learning to love the bodies they have, the 16 individuals will have 12 weeks to transform not only their bodies but their confidence. Expect a lot of sweat and even more tears.

Ahead of the series premiere, here are the trainers who will be changing the lives and bodies of the contestants.

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Charlotte Holmes

Charlotte Holmes

Age: 29

Job: Personal Trainer, yoga teacher, fitness model

Brixton babe Charlotte aka ‘The Sergeant’ says her fitness inspiration is her Granny because she’s 97 and still exercises every day. So it sounds like this personal trainer won’t be taking any excuses from her clients on Ex On The Beach: Body SOS.

Charlotte won Miss England in 2012, but says there is no specific part of her body that she’s proud of. In fact, she claims that what she’s most proud of is just being comfortable in her own skin and learning to love and accept every part of her body.

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, Char says the best thing to do is integrate all food groups into your diet, as balance is key. And just in case you're wondering, cake is included in that as a ‘life without cake would be miserable.’

Tune into MTV’s brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS to see what other interesting techniques Char uses to get her clients bikini ready.

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Joss Mooney

Joss Mooney

Age: 28

Job: Reality star, personal trainer

Ex On The Beach babe Joss Mooney is a perfectionist, which makes him sound like a pretty tough trainer to have.

The 28-year-old who lives in London claims that juice cleanses are the worst kind of diet because they are ‘impossible to maintain’. He believes that as your body doesn’t change overnight, your diet shouldn’t change overnight either.

When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, Joss says the keys to success are to ‘be persistent, consistent and patient as Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ He also believes that even though he fell in love with the aesthetics side of training, it isn't all just about how you look; it’s about feeling good too.

Fitness model and actor Greg Plitt is Joss’ inspiration but when it comes to who he would like to train, he has his eyes on someone closer to home…a certain MTV presenter and Love Island fave, Montana Brown. 

So tune into MTV’s brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS to see if Joss’s clients can keep up with his high standard of training.

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Lee Constantinou

Lee Constantinou

Age: 28

Job: Personal trainer

Lovely Londoner Lee says he’s most proud of his muscular legs and dancing pecks, and that the secret to a healthy lifestyle is balance. He believes that training hard and eating well are great but it shouldn’t come at the ‘cost of your happiness and social life’.

The 28-year-old describes himself as smiley, determined and optimistic, traits that will surely come in handy during his time on Ex On The Beach: Body SOS as he tries to motivate his clients to stick to their fitness plans.

The Karate kid says his passion for personal training ignited as a young teen. As someone who struggled with body confidence and asthma he has always felt the need to help others with their insecurities as he can feel their ‘pain and worries’.

When it comes to facing a fitness journey, he says his best tip is to not get ‘stuck in analysis by paralysis’. He claims if you just make the decision to start then everything will work itself out in the end…

Having already had a taste of TV when he trained presenter, Scarlet Moffat for her fitness DVD, Lee is confident he should be more than capable of handling a few clients on MTV’s brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS.

Rykard Jenkins

Rykard Jenkins

Age: 26

Job: Personal trainer, reality star, business owner

Reality star Rykard says his biggest strength is that he’s always up for anything but his downfall is his phobia of being barefoot…so it’s just as well he’s starring in brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS and not Ex On The Beach!

The 26-year-old claims he’s always been into boxing and fitness as he likes to look good for the ladies, meaning becoming a personal trainer just felt right for him…So does that mean it was his abs of steel that won him his Love Island girlfriend Rachel Fenton?

Among his long list of celeb fitness inspos are Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan as they are at the top of their field but his dream client would be Mike Tyson as he feels he could learn a lot from the boxing legend.

Rykard says his favourite body part would be his arms as ‘they are big enough to look good in a t-shirt but not so big that they look stupid.’ However, he also loves his mouth as he’s ‘got the gift of the gab’ so let’s see if this gift will keep his clients motivated throughout their fitness journeys.

When it comes to getting the ideal body, Rykard’s advice is to eat the healthy food before you eat the bad food but to remember and mix things up with exercise routines – something he will be bringing into practice with his new Beach Body SOS clients.

Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue

Age: 30

Job:Yoga instructor, personal trainer, author

Up-beat Aussie Shona has both brains and beauty and is on a feminism mission to bring more equality to the fitness industry, and boy does she mean business!

The 30-year-old published a cookbook earlier this year called ‘The Vertue Method’ and her next dream is to be the ‘Nigella Lawson of fitness cooking.’ Shona wants women to ‘understand their innate power’ and help bring the best out of people, but will she manage this with her Ex On The Beach: Body SOS clients?

Her biggest piece of advice for people wanting to get a healthier lifestyle is to move more. Shona says ‘it’s not just working out that’s important, it’s staying active in between… Always take the stairs!’

The brunette beauty dreams of training Michelle Obama as she’s got ‘a lot of sass and wouldn’t be afraid of the weights room’, so let’s see what her clients are afraid of when Shona shows them their fitness plans…

Tyrone Brennand

Tyrone Brennand

Age: 31

Job: Personal trainer, yoga teacher

Tattooed Tyrone aka ‘Be The Fittest’ describes himself as hard-working, funny and enthusiastic and even ran the London marathon as astronaut Tim Peake’s ‘shadow runner.’

It’s not just running he excels at though, the London lad is also a big ‘yogi’ and says his lean legs are a result of doing yoga every day but he’s proudest of his broad shoulders which he’s built through weight-lifting.

Before becoming a personal trainer, Tyrone described himself as a bit of a ‘lost soul’. The 31-year-old has always been into his fitness but it wasn’t until he found out he was expecting his first child that he decided he should open his own personal training business. 

In between high school and opening Be The Fittest, Tyrone tried his hand at a number of jobs. He got himself onto a plumbing course and earned a place at Art college but decided neither of those routes were for him.
However, it seems he can just about do anything he puts his mind to as even though he has no training or experience, at one point he was getting paid to cut his friends’ hair!

When it comes to getting a ‘beach body’ his best advice is to not starve yourself and mix up your work outs, changing intensities and activities to stop yourself from getting bored. However, he says the keys to success are these three things; dedication, consistency and focus, but will his clients have enough of this to make them succeed?

Tune into brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS to see if Tyrone has got what it takes to keep his clients on track and get them ready for the beach.

Charlie King

Charlie King

Age: 32

Job: Personal trainer, reality TV star

You may recognise this muscle man from The Only Way is Essex, but there’s one TOWIE motto that Charlie King does not stand by…let’s just say ’NO CARBS BEFORE MARBS’ is something you won’t hear this PT shouting in the gym!

The 32-year-old from Southend-on-Sea is a passionate personal trainer and dreams of being the male, fitness version of Oprah. Maybe then he’ll finally get his wish granted and be able to train JLo! For now, though, he’ll just have to stick to his lovely Ex On The Beach: Body SOS clients…

Charlie’s advice for someone wanting to start a fitness journey is to ‘make the realistic changes to your lifestyle and diet’ first. He claims ‘a beach body will come when change is implemented’ but that it’s important not to compare yourself to anyone else, as ‘every BODY is different’. This is the reason his fitness inspiration is himself as he believes the motivation he has comes from wanting to be the best version of himself.

So tune into MTV’s brand new Ex On The Beach: Body SOS to see charming Charlie put his clients through their paces.

Tune in to Ex On The Beach: Body SOS on Wednesday 17th January at 8pm, on MTV - BT TV channel 309/371 HD.

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