Exclusive: Disney's Bizaardvark stars talk about their favourite childhood memories...

Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo, the stars of Disney's hit vlogging comedy Bizaardvark, let us in on their funniest - and most embarrassing - childhood moments.

Step back in time with Disney’s Bizaardvark stars Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo as we discover what the 15-year-olds'  lives were like when they were nine years old. What did they rate? What did they hate? We quizzed the Disney Channel cuties on everything from music and movies to fashion and fears… 

Let’s step back in tim​e to when you were nine… What rocked your world back then?


Madison (above right): When I was nine years old, I loved ice skating. I wanted to be an ice skating coach. I would always skate around the rink and ask people if they wanted any help. I’m sure they just wanted to be alone. I’m sure they didn’t want a nine-year-old coming up to them with advice – but I wanted to be an ice skating coach and I wanted to help. I wanted to teach people new skating skills.

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Olivia (above left): For me, it was all about my dolls. I loved playing with dolls when I was nine. That was my big passion. I would make movies with my dolls. We’d have premieres of the movies we made. It was so much fun.

What music were yo​u into when you were nine-years-old?

Olivia: When I was younger, I loved Taylor Swift and country music, which is totally different to my musical taste now. Taylor Swift isn’t as country as she used to be, but I still like her music. I really like Lorde now, too.

Madison: I was really into Avril Lavigne back then. I don’t think I had a country music phase, but I always listened to the radio. I always liked whatever was popular.

What post​ers were on your wall?

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Madison: I never put posters on my wall. Even if I had them, they were from the book fair and they were dog posters. I didn’t have any celebrities on my wall.

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Olivia: I had lots of Disney Channel posters, including Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. It’s cool because now I’m on Disney Channel, too.

What was you​r favourite movie when you were nine years old?

Madison: Matilda. It still is. I love Matilda. Why? I don’t know. I guess it was the first movie I saw that was centred around a kid my age. I thought it was so cool how she was smart and she was making waves in her life. Plus, it was magical, too.

Olivia: My favourite movie was High School Musical. I loved High School Musical when I was a kid!

What book couldn’t yo​u put down?


Olivia: The Harry Potter books. I loved Harry Potter when I was younger. My friends and I would play Hogwarts after school. We’d make potions out of soap and gross things!

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Madison: I was starting to read the Harry Potter books when I was nine, too. But I also liked The BFG.

What were you like as a person when you​ were nine years old?

Olivia: I was a shy nine-year-old. I was never super-outgoing. I really valued my friends, which is something I still do today. I’m still best friends with my friends from back then.

Madison: I loved to play video games. And I would put oil in my hair because it was super fine. It was horrible! It was a very bad time for my fashion sense, too.

What was your favourite thing to ​do at the weekend?

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Olivia: My weekends would involve lots of friends and lots of dolls. I loved to sing, which I still love to do – but I also did gymnastics when I was younger. My friends and I would practice gymnastics every weekend.

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Madison: For me, my weekends involved ice skating. I skated all weekend. I loved it.

Who was your bigg​est hero back then?

Madison: Anyone who played Minecraft and had a really nice server! I was obsessed with Minecraft.

Olivia: My biggest hero was my mum. It still is.

What fashion we​re you into?

Olivia: I was probably into the ugliest fashion back then. I’d wear combat boots with everything, including dresses. Looking back on it, I cringe.

Madison: And I was into Capris trousers. Ha!

What did you disl​ike back then?

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Madison: People would always make fun of me for playing Minecraft. I hated that. I would think, ‘I love this game. Why are people making fun of me?’ I enjoyed being myself, but I really didn’t like people who would think, ‘Conform to what I like instead.’

Olivia: I hated obnoxious people. Oh, and car rides. I still hate car rides. I get car sick.

What did you lo​ve?

Madison: I loved ice skating. I loved playing video games. I loved staying inside and watching YouTube.

Olivia: I loved my friends and my family. It’s still true.

Madison: Oh, me too!

What were your​ biggest dreams when you were nine years old?

Madison: My biggest dreams? I really wanted to go to the Winter Olympics for ice skating. I was also an actor back then, but I had just started and I never thought it would turn into anything big.

Olivia: I really wanted to be an actress or a singer. I wanted to be something in the artistic world – and here I am, which is awesome.

What was your bigg​est fear?

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Olivia: My biggest fear was probably sharks. Eek!

Madison: From the ages of six to 10, I used to have this recurring dream about a gigantic pigeon that ate my town. I remember it vividly! I would go to sleep at night and I would wish that it wouldn’t come back, but it would come back every so often. I still don’t like pigeons. I was terrified.

What advice would you giv​e to your nine-year-old self?

Madison: Keep being yourself. Don’t change yourself because other people don’t like the same things as you. Don’t change and do what your friends think is cool. Just do whatever you like.

Olivia: I agree. I’d say to the nine-year-old Olivia, “Just be yourself. It will all work out. Don't stress too much about the trivial things in life, because it’s all going to be fine in the end.” 

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