First look at Ioan Gruffudd’s new Alibi crime drama Harrow

The gripping new series from Australia will have you hooked this summer. has an exclusive first look at Ioan Gruffudd’s must-watch crime drama Harrow – new on Alibi.

Dr Daniel Harrow (Gruffudd) is no ordinary forensic pathologist - he's brilliant, unorthodox, a rule-breaker... with a complex family life.

His drive to unearth the truth and solve even the toughest of cases has taken a toll on his personal life, so when a dark secret from his past threatens to be exposed, damaging him even further, Harrow has to use all of his forensic skills to keep it buried forever.


Hit play above to watch the exclusive preview of the thrilling drama's first five minutes.

Watch Harrow from Tuesday, July 17 at 9pm on Alibi – BT TV channel 312/382 HD.

The series is 10 episodes long and will be shown weekly.

Alibi is one of 60 premium channels available on BT TV along with other channels such as Eden, Gold, W and many more.

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Who stars in Harrow?

Harrow - Ioan Gruffudd

Dr Daniel Harrow (played by Ioan Gruffudd)

Senior medical examiner at the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine, Harrow is a smart, dedicated scientist and a maverick rule breaker. Driven and determined, Harrow doesn't just want to know what happened, he wants to know why - and he’ll do anything to root out the truth, no matter how complex and cryptic things seem. To his friends and colleagues, he’s endearing and infuriating in equal measures.

Sergeant Soroya Dass (played by Mirrah Foulkes)

Sergeant Dass is bright, good-humoured, tough, and relentless. She takes her job very seriously and will go the extra mile every time to get to the truth and see justice served. Her dedication to the job makes Dass the perfect foil for Harrow, to whom she finds herself attracted, against all her good sense. Working with Harrow can be intensely frustrating but there’s no doubt he puts some spark in her life.

Simon Van Reyk (played by Remy Hii)

Simon is a trainee forensic pathologist and Harrow's assistant. He loves working for Harrow, a man he regards as a genius, although he’s well aware of the flaws in Harrow’s personal life. Simon wants to excel in forensics but aspires to a better work-life balance so that he can maintain his relationship with his partner, David. Dealing with hundreds of homicides has made Harrow cynical but Simon remains optimistic… so far.

Maxine Pavich (played by Robyn Malcolm)

Highly experienced and well respected, Maxine is Harrow's boss and Director of the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine. She admires Harrow but it’s her job to reign her senior pathologist in when he starts to make waves and bend the rules. Harrow is a handful but, ultimately, his enthusiasm to do the right thing for the victims appeals to Maxine – maybe because she used to be a pathologist herself.

DSS Bryan Nichols (played by Damien Garvey)

Detective Senior Sergeant Bryan Nichols is a long-time CIB detective and a solid man's man who seems to have been wearing a frown since 1985. But those who know him - particularly burgeoning love-interest Maxine Pavich - can testify that he's a highly professional police officer with a kind and attentive nature. And although he considers Harrow to be irritating, the two share a mutual professional respect.

Harrow is produced by ABC Studios International and Hoodlum Entertainment.

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