Season one saw our Fear the Walking Dead family be chased from their Los Angeles home to the open water and season two saw them battle for survival in Mexico.

Now fleeing the social unrest and infected of the Mexican border, the family are driven back across the border to America. Here they seek refuge at a presumed sanctuary known as “The Ranch.”

Led by border militiaman and apocalypse prepper Jeremiah Otto Sr., they hope they have found at least a temporary shelter from both the infected and potential enemies at Otto’s secure and remote horse ranch.

Otto’s prepper community have chosen a deliberately secluded location, where they believe they will be safe from the infected. They are able to survive off their land by farming crops and animals, using solar panels and having virtually no contact with the outside world.

However, is The Ranch all that it seems? Take a look at the just released video to get a telling look into what The Ranch has in store for the family in series three. 

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