Fifty Shades Darker: Behind the scenes on the thrilling sequel

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan and the creators take us inside the filming of the blockbuster.

Fifty Shades Darker takes the Fifty Shades phenomenon and adds an extra psychological thriller twist.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return and Christian and Ana in the blockbuster hit and the cast and creators believe the sequel offers a more emotional, layered and intricate examination of the lead characters.

If the first film was an "eye opener", the sequel is a darker and deeper examination of the romance novels.

Hit play above to watch the cast and creators of Fifty Shades Darker talk about the making of the film.

Fifty Shades Darker is available to buy now on BT TV Store and rent from June 26th.

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Fifty Shades Darker begins with a separated Christian and Ana. Now a university graduate and with an exciting new editorial job, Ana is keen to move on, but of course keeps on finding herself bumping into the lurking Christian.

Desperate to win her back, he is willing to take any measure necessary, even by buying the company that she now works for. He also takes her to a grand ball, and invites her to move into his luxury apartment. While all of this is going on, Ana soon realizes she is being stalked, and by none other than of one of Christian’s former submissives – Leila - who has suffered a severe mental breakdown. Ana must now decide whether Christian is worth the risk. Can they have a happy ever after or will she end up like poor Leila?

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