Find Me In Paris – Meet the cast and characters

Jessica Lord, Eubha Akilade, Hannah Dodd, Rory J Saper and Castle Rock give us the lowdown on Nickelodeon’s trailblazing kids TV series.

Find Me in Paris is Nickelodeon’s new teen drama series, which blends time-travel, dance and action in the glamourous backdrop of the French capital.

We spoke to Jessica Lord (CBBC’s The Next Step), Hannah Dodd (Harlots), Eubha Akilade (Eve, Clique), Rory Saper (The Legend of Tarzan) and Canadian actor Castle Rock (The Descendants 2) about the teen drama that blends drama, dance and escapism.

Hit play above to watch the cast introduce the series.

What is Find Me in Paris



Jessica Lord stars as Lena Grisky, a Russian Princess and student at the world-famous Paris Opera Ballet School in the 19th Century.  Lena has always impressed her fellow teachers with her classically refined style, but in this highly competitive environment, Lena’s got to keep honing her skills.  After unwittingly stumbling through a portal in 1905 and time traveling to present day, she’s forced to adapt to life in 2018.

Find Me in Paris on Nickelodeon

Luckily she meets Ines, a tell it like it is kind of girl and the polar opposite of Edwardian-era Lena, the
pair become kindred spirits and roommates.  As the only one in modern day to know Lena's secret, Ines helps steer Lena through the minefield that is social media, slang and modern teenage romance.

As Lena eventually learns, a group of misfits known as the Time Collectors are hot on her heels looking to get their hands on the necklace - which is in fact a powerful key to the future and the past. Eventually her worlds collide and Lena is forced to consider an impossible choice: go back to her time where her boyfriend beckons, or stay in the future where her new life has hooked her heart.

Find Me in Paris airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Nickelodeon – BT TV channel 483.

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