Game Night to The Notebook: Rachel McAdams' best films

Refresh your memory of some of the actress’s best work as Game Night becomes available on BT TV Store.

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams is the star of many film fans' favourite movies.

One of her latest offerings, comedy Game Night, is currently available to buy or rent on BT TV Store – we take a look at some of her other peak moments.

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Mean Girls – 2004

She played vile queen bee Regina George, Lindsay Lohan’s character’s frenemy, who ruled the school with a reign of terror.

Written by and featuring Tina Fey, Mean Girls also starred Amanda Seyfried and Amy Poehler alongside Rachel’s portrayal of the ultimate mean teen.

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The Notebook – 2004

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to stay dry eyed during The Notebook, the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novel.

Rachel played rich girl Allie who, bored with being controlled by society’s expectations, fell in love with penniless Noah, much to her family’s horror.

It was also the start of a long-running romance with her co-star Ryan Gosling, although he has admitted that he couldn’t stand her while making the film together. The couple have since split, breaking the hearts of Notebook fans everywhere.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife – 2009

Rachel continued with the weepy romantic adaptations for The Time Traveler’s Wife, based on Audrey Niffenegger’s book.

Her character Clare was married to Henry (Eric Bana), a librarian with an extraordinary secret – he could travel through time, but had no control over when it would happen, causing huge complications for them.

The film pulled on viewers’ heartstrings every bit as much as The Notebook, but its lack of a parallel real-life relationship with her co-star made it a slightly less memorable romance.

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Midnight in Paris – 2011

In 2011, Rachel’s career reached new heights when she was cast as one of the leading characters in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

She starred alongside Owen Wilson as an engaged couple on a visit to Paris with her family, but with Owen’s character finding himself transported back to the 1920s every night at midnight.

The film won best screenplay at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, helping to steer Rachel away from being pigeon-holed as a slushy romantic actress.

Spotlight – 2015

Taking a different turn from many of her previous roles, Rachel was part of the cast of awards season hit Spotlight.

It followed the true story of the Boston Globe’s investigation into a covered-up sex scandal in the Catholic church that had implications reaching across the world.

Rachel played one of the small team of investigative journalists who broke the story alongside Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Liev Schreiber.

Spotlight won Oscars for best picture and best screenplay, and earned Rachel her first Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

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Game Night – 2018

If you’re looking for a film full of belly laughs, then head to BT TV Store to cheer up your evening with comedy Game Night.

A group of friends regularly meet for a game night, but find themselves thrown into a dangerous, seedy underworld when the shady brother of one of them seems to have been kidnapped by notorious gangsters.

See Rachel star with Jason Bateman, Sharon Horgan, Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons in this hilarious crime romp.

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