What would the characters of Game of Thrones do in the real world?

Would you visit Davos Seaworth’s fish and chip show? And would Theresa May want to hire Littlefinger?

Game of Thones season 1-7 are now available to buy in BT TV Store and to celebrate their release, we caught up with the stars of the hit HBO show.

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Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), John Bradley-West (Samwell Tarly), Isaac Hempstead (Brand Stark), Aidan Gillen (Petyr Baelish), Rory McCann and Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy) spoke to us about spinoffs, potential endings for the show and how their characters would fit into the real world in 2017.

Hit play below to watch the cast joking about what their characters would be doing if they lived in the real world in 2017.



Game of Thrones S7 is now available to buy in the BT TV Store.

Seasons 1-6 are also available to own.

Press the BT Player button on your remote control, scroll across to Box Sets and browse now. Alternatively, press the blue button to search for the TV box set you want.

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