Game of Thrones meets Wonder Woman: Why you need to watch SYFY’s The Outpost

Stars of the fantasy series Imogen Waterhouse and Anand Desai-Barochia reveal why you need to set The Outpost to series record.

If you’re looking for a Game of Thrones fix, SYFY's The Outpost could be the perfect new show for you.

Jessica Green stars as Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackboods race, who returns to ‘The Outpost’ for revenge upon the killers of her family.

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Talon must master her own supernatural powers to survive and defend the world against fanatical dictators in this epic fantasy series.

Cast members Imogen Waterhouse, who plays Lady Gwynn Calkussar and Anand Desai-Barochia, who plays Janzo, spoke exclusively to BT TV about the new series.

Why is The Outpost different to other TV shows…

The Outpost

Imogen: “I was initially drawn to it because of the strong female lead. I think it’s great to have that representation, for young girls to be able to say, ‘look at this badass chick, who’s on a mission of revenge’. I liked that. And as I read on, I thought it was great fun. It’s great fun to immerse yourself in this world.”

Anand: “It is a page-turner. As I read the script I really wanted to know what happened next. And as I discovered this character, I completely fell in love with him. I wanted to know who he really was, what he was about and he’s so multi-dimensional. I love him.”

On the importance of having a female hero…

The Outpost

Imogen: “Ever since Wonder Woman and seeing the success of that, people have begun to slowly think differently. I went to see that at the cinema with some young girls and they were just so blown away to see a woman in charge. ‘I want to be like Wonder Woman’. It’s long overdue to have these characters, who own what they do and get **** done. Women’s voices and women directors are finally getting heard in the fantasy genre. I had never seen a character quite like Talon before and that’s really exciting.

On their characters….

The Outpost

Anand: “Janzo is a brewer and an alchemist. By day he works in our version of the pub. By night, he has his own laboratory. He is an awkward and introverted person. He keeps himself to himself. In his lab, he can really explore things, research things and discover why things are happening in The Outpost. It’s his own escape and his own fantasy world within this world.

Imogen: “Gwynn is the daughter of the Commander of the Outpost. She’s a lot more privileged that everyone else working there. She’s lived a pretty sheltered and protected life, but she still manages to find trouble in The Outpost. She still gets to their pub, the Nightshade and gets lairy.

Anand: “She’s very good at their version of poker. She’s powerful in her own way and she’s very good at getting what she wants most of the time from other people. She’s smart, quite funny hopefully and it’s great fun playing a bossy lady. You’ll see her navigating her way through this male-dominated society and becoming a woman. She’s a great observer.”

On the future of The Outpost…

The Outpost

Anand: “I think it’s a story that can keep going on and on. There are so many possibilities.”

“There is so much depth to these characters. Every character still has so many unheard stories to be told. A lot of them are complex and we still need to see not only how they could interact with each other, but delve more into them as individuals.”

Imogen: “We’ve only really started to scratch the surface of what is beyond The Outpost. We still have that to be unveiled.”
You will like The Outpost if you liked…

Imogen: “I think it’s a family friendly Game of Thrones, but at the same time, it’s unique.”

Anand: “I think it stands on its own. There is a fantasy, sci-fi element, there are Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones elements, but there are also parts of this show that other shows don’t have. There’s a big mystery, there are lots of mysteries, which we are always trying to figure out.”

The Outpost launches on August 13th at 9pm on SYFY - BT TV channel 319.

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