Geordie Shore: The funniest ever quotes from the MTV reality show

Ahead of the smash hit show's new Party Tour series, we look back at some of the greatest one-liners from the hard-partying Geordies.

Crude, rude and always controversial, Geordie Shore is the most outrageous reality show on British TV.

The MTV smash hit has been running for more than five years and it's back with a 13th series this month as the North-East party animals head to Ayia Napa, Corfu, Kavos, Ibiza and Magaluf on a Party Tour.

To celebrate the show's return on 25th October at 10pm on MTV (BT TV Channel 309/371 HD), we've looked back at some of the show's more light-hearted and surprisingly funny moments.

Keep reading for our 10 favourite Geordie Shore words of wisdom quotes:

1. Geordie Shore

Scotty T's smooth way with words is almost Wildean.

2. Charlotte: "I'm not gonna run across fire, I'm not an idiot".

Charlotte's bold claim is slightly undermined by the following quotes.

3. Geordie Shore

Maybe Charlotte is right. Maybe Usain Bolt's secret is that he lives off of a KFC and McDonalds.

4. Charlotte: "He's trying to manipulate me and play me as a game of cards. I am not game of cards, I am a game of Kerplunk."

Does Charlotte feel like a plastic tube filled with marbles and sticks poking through her middle?

5. Charlotte: "He loves me and I love him  but we can never be together. It's like Shakespeare."

We're not sure Romeo and Juliet talked openly about their sex life and wet the bed.... We're also not sure how well Charlotte is brushed up on the bard.

6.Geordie Shore

To be fair, it definitely gets your attention.

7.Geordie Shore

You wouldn't want the Geordie Shore cast on your team for the Geography round at your pub quiz.

8. Charlotte: "Who doesn't know how to swim? Even sperm can swim!"

However, you can't knock their understanding of basic human biology.

9. Geordie Shore

They're also not known for being culture vultures when they're on holiday.

10. Scotty T: "She's canny decent. I'd probably join the Mile High Club with her if I wasn't already banned."

And we conclude with another romantic ode from the modern day Casanova, Scotty T.

The Geordie Shore Party Tour airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 10pm - BT TV 309/371 HD. It is also available on BT TV Catch-Up.

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