Get ready for the Summer of Ben 10 on BT TV

Prepare for a wild summer of robots, aliens and intergalactic adventures with Cartoon Network’s cheeky kids superhero – Ben 10.

Ben 10 is taking over BT TV this summer. We’ve got more episodes, specials and films than you can shake an Omnitrix at in the BT Player.

So if you've got a young superhero in your family, we've got you covered.

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Here is a quick parents guide to the Cartoon Network animated series, which has been thrilling kids for over 13 years.

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What is Ben 10?

Ben 10

Ben 10 is a kids TV phenomenon that started in 2005 and remains over a decade later, one of the biggest and most exciting animated series for superhero-loving youngsters.

If you have children over the age of 6 who are talking about defending the Earth with their Omnitrix, it sounds like your kids are already addicted. But what is Ben 10 actually about?

The show focuses on young boy Ben Tennysen, who discovers that he has the power to take on different alien forms when he finds a mysterious watch - the Omnitrix – while on holiday.

Ben 10 is living every child’s dream with his superhero powers, but his special skills come at a price – he must use his special shapeshifting alien powers to save the world from the biggest and baddest villains in the universe.

What Ben 10 shows can you watch this summer on BT TV?

Ben 10

Press the BT Player button on your remote or visit the online Player, scroll across to the ‘Kids’ area and you’ll discover a massive Ben 10 collection at your fingertips.

You can choose from six full box set series of the classic and rebooted Ben 10, a full-series of spinoff Ben 10: Omniverse and superfan live-action gameshow Ben 10 Challenge.

We've got three Ben 10 movies; Secrets of the Omnitrix, Destroy All Aliens and Race Against Time and we've even got Ben 10 Extras including guides to all his amazing alien heroes – from Shock Rock to Heartblast.

Why your kids will love Ben 10?

Traditionally kids TV superheroes have been adults or teenagers, but Ben 10 is a kid and the show doesn’t talk down to its young viewers.

Ben sounds, acts and behaves like a typical kids with cheekiness, attitude and a fearless sense of adventure.

A quick parents guide to Ben 10

Don't know your Stinkfly from your Rustbucket? Here’s a quick guide to the Ben 10 Universe.



A central element to the Ben 10 story, this is the device which helps Ben transform into aliens. Created to allow different species in the universe to walk in each other’s shoes, it is the perfect defence for Ben when saving the world.

The Omnitrix has had lots of upgrades and spinoffs during the series (Nemetrix, Ultrimatix), but its main purpose always remains the same – transforming Ben.


This is the organisation composed of human and alien members, who at the start of the series were set up to protect the universe – largely against the villain Vilgax.

Gwen and Grandpa Max

Gwen and Grandpa Max

Gwen is Ben's cousin and Max is the pair's paternal grandfather.

Max was a plumber and is the mentor for the young pair, who inspires them with his sense of adventure and takes them on holidays across the US with his Rust Bucket.but visits occasionally

The Rust Bucket

Grandpa Max's old RV, which is used by Ben and his family – despite it having a faulty toilet and broken air-con. The vehicle does come with some handy weaponry, lasers and jets, which have been designed by Grandpa Max, which come in useful when your saving planet Earth.



These are just a few of the aliens that Ben can transform into when he needs to save the day. They all have their own special flowers and skills, which in the case of Stinkfly includes shooting toxic slime and exreting foul-smelling liquids that can immobilize villains.

Ben 10 airs on Cartoon Network, BT TV channel 486  - available to BT TV Kids customers.

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