Giggle at the madcap antics of Game Shakers

Enter the world of accidental app store supremacy in this children’s sitcom about the wacky adventures of a group of wannabe game designers.

There’s a whole server full of laughs in Game Shakers, as partners Babe and Kenzie’s science fair project suddenly becomes a number one game, propelling them into the heady world of digital entrepreneurship.

Forced to team up with rapper Double G (Kel Mitchell who was part of Keenan and Kel) after using one of his songs without licence, the budding game supremos must contend with his incompetent entourage, trouble-making son Triple G and natural trials of running their own business.

Expect plenty of light-hearted lessons about life, love and dealing with unpredictable rap stars. It’s also guaranteed to keep the kids quiet for about half an hour*.

*Not actually a guarantee.

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