What to watch after The Great British Bake Off: If you like the baking series, you’ll love these shows

Looking for similar shows to the Great British Bake Off? We round up the best cookery shows for food fans on BT TV.

We’re here to fill a Bake Off tent-shaped hole in your life, if you’re already missing the eggs, flour and Hollywood handshakes.

The Great British Bake Off is over for another year, leaving a hole in our Tuesday night TV schedule and a rumbling in our stomach for some fantastic food shows to watch next.

There might never be another Rahul, Prue and Paul may have ridden off into the sunset and Noel Fielding is probably locked in his bedroom designing some even wackier shirt designs for 2019 – but that doesn’t mean we have to go hungry for a year.

If you like Bake Off, you will love these shows...

Nailed It!

Nailed It!

The standard of bakers on Bake Off has risen so high in recent years that it can be overwhelming for amateurs who wouldn’t know a kagekone or smørrebrød even if one landed in their mouth, smothered in icing and chocolate ganache.

If you come out in a cold sweat at the thought of even attempting a Victoria sponge, Netflix has the answer. Nailed It! is the cookery show for untalented bakers, who are more horror show than Hollywood handshake.

The ‘home chefs’ are given outlandish, near-impossible, professional-standard creations to bake in a limited amount of time and the results are nearly always awful, embarrassing and hilarious.

Nailed It!

If you’re favourite part of Bake Off is when the Baked Alaska ends up in the bin, this is the show for you.

Chef’s Table

Chef's Table

On the other end of the scale from Nailed It! Is Chef’s Table, which treats cookery like a fine art.

Breath-taking, ground-breaking and likely to change the way you look at food forever, Chef’s Table takes you into the kitchen with the world’s best award-winning chefs.

These men and women live and breathe every single ingredient and dedicate their lives to the successes and failures of making the perfect dish.

Filmed in a high-end documentary style, Chef’s Table turns the story of a simple risotto or lemon tart into food theatre.

Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feel Phil

The food plays second fiddle in this Netflix series to presenter and sitcom legend Phil Rosenthal.

The creator of Everybody Loves Raymond brings his infectious child-like wonder at travel, food and, well, pretty much everything, to this series.

Whether he’s eating a hot dog at the side of the road or chowing down on some crab in Bangkok, Phil has a sense of joy that makes this series a delicious treat.

Nailed It!, Chef’s Table and Somebody Feed Phil are streaming now – exclusively on Netflix.

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Eat. Race. Win.

Eat Race Win

Offering a unique and original angle on food TV, this Prime Video documentary follows the support crews in the Tour De France and in particular, Hannah Grant, the head chef for the cycling team Orica-Scott.

A hybrid sports and cooking series, the thrill comes from watching Hannah managing to deliver nutritionally perfect meals that are sourced from local markets and sources along the cycling route. The idea being that the meals will serve up physical and mental assistance as the cyclists get a taste for the regions.

A small window into the big business of sports nutrition, the show reveals how far we’ve come from the world’s greatest athletes munching on big bowls of grey pasta night after night.

Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse

Another documentary series available on Prime Video, this series follows the world famous chef Emeril Lagassae sampling the finest cuisine with the help of his top chef pals.

Featuring some of the world’s finest culinary talents, exotic locations and mouth-watering food that will leave you rubbing your hungry belly every time, it takes scrumptious TV to the next level.

Eat. Race. Win and Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse are streaming now on Prime Video.

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MasterChef Australia

MasterChef- Australia

In Australia, MasterChef is a really big deal. It’s a turbo-charged, X Factor-style version of the laidback series we’ve seen in the UK over the years.

Airing on W in the UK (BT TV channel 311), MasterChef Australia isn’t an ordinary TV show it’s an experience.

Forget 10 weeks of Bake Off or an autumn of Strictly, MasterChef AU is an emotional 60+ hours of cooking, tears and amateurs putting their hearts and life stories on a plate.

A world away from Gregg and John’s warm and fuzzy camaraderie, MasterChef Australia isn’t for the faint-hearted, but once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back.

Catch up on MasterChef Austalia on the BT Player now >

Watch new episodes on W channel (BT TV channel 311), weeknights at 7pm.

Cake Boss

Cake Boss

Sugar addicts rejoice, Buddy Valastro and the Cake Boss family are here to fill your lives with some of the most outrageous and super sweet cake creations.

This TLC series blends classic family drama reality TV format with out of this world baking.

From attempts to create an iced Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake to a functioning and moving robot cake, this series has crackers creations that will have your jaw hit the floor.

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