Hell or High Water is a wickedly wild western

Hollywood heavyweights including Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine collide in this cracking tale of cops and cowboys that’s left critics running out of star ratings.

A cross between No Country for Old Men and John Wayne classic True Grit, Hell or High Water is a whip-smart western for modern times, packed with moral satire, spiky wit and crusty men in Stetsons.

It’s an absolute belter of a movie, and here are five reasons why…

A sizzling story
The heist movie gets a magnificent western makeover, as a pair of bickering brothers turn bank robbers, hitting branches of a shady financial bigwig that’s about to seize their family farm while being pursued by a pair of deliciously craggy Texas Rangers.

A 24ct cast
Chris Pine puts his Captain Kirk boots to bed with his brilliantly brooding performance as thoughtful crook Toby Howard, while Ben Foster is terrific as trigger-happy, ex-con bro Tanner. Screen legend Jeff Bridges growls gloriously and Twilight’s Gil Birmingham should be arrested for essentially stealing the show.

A fistful of true wit
Comedy it ain’t, and there’s enough violence and spicy language to keep Tarantino happy, but this movie is drenched in dark humour and tangy one-liners. We’d tell you about the bit with the T-bone waitress, but we don’t want to spoil the fun.

A haunting atmosphere
Set amid the stunning, gritty and grudge-filled landscape of West Texas, this is an almost mythical world in which every truck is rusty, every house is ramshackle and morality is incredibly blurred.

A stunning soundtrack
The hard-baked tone of the film is reinforced by a brilliant score from Nick Cave, plus there’s a bucket-load of cracking country tunes to complement every compelling scene.

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