Hollywood Medium: 5 shocking readings by Tyler Henry, psychic to the stars

From Robin Williams to Whitney Houston and now Michael Jackson, discover these eerily accurate psychic celebrity readings from E!’s Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry…

E!’s Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry has quickly risen to the top of most in-demand celebrity psychics in the world.

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Now the star of his own hit show Hollywood Medium on E!, which is about to start its third season, Tyler has given startingly accurate psychic readings to Hollywood names including Robin Thicke, Lil Kim, Allison Janney, Lisa Vanderpump, Bobby Brown and Portia de Rossi.

Here we take a look at five of his most jaw-dropping celebrity readings to date:

The late Robin Williams

robin williams

As Tyler was giving a reading to comedian and actress Margaret Cho, her friend the late Robin Williams (who had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease) sent a message through Tyler that not only was he inspired by Margaret’s work but that he wanted her to know he had committed suicide because he didn’t want to spend the rest of the life suffering from the debilitating disease.

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Alan Thicke’s heart condition

alan thicke

Just months before the Canadian actor and TV host died from a ruptured aorta in December 2016, Tyler warned Alan Thicke of potential health problems during a reading on Hollywood Medium. Tyler told Alan directly: "If you notice blood pressure or a heart murmur, just see a doctor. But I feel almost like we have to really take this into consideration."

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Whitney communicates to Bobby Brown

bobbi brown

Tyler had no idea who Bobby Brown was when he stepped into his home but claimed to channel the spirits of both his deceased ex-wife Whitney Houston and their late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Tyler told a grief-stricken and visibly moved Bobby of Whitney: "She’s coming through and giving me this feeling of, I was there to hold her hand when she made her transition" with regards to daughter Bobbi’s untimely passing.

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He then claimed Bobbi Kristina told him: "She loves her mom and she loves her dad so much. And she understands you both were in extraordinarily unique situations, but she is basically saying, 'I understand they did what they had to do to get by from their perspective'.”

Health concerns for Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian

When Henry had a reading with Khloe Kardashian, not only did he share some heart-warming messages from her late father Rob Kardashian but also addressed a specific health concern. He told her she had two parts of the body to be concerned over skin cancer – her back and her leg - and that she must check these with her doctor regularly. To his surprise, she confirmed that she was already aware of moles at these places and had got them checked up.

A conversation with Michael Jackson?

michael jackson

On the upcoming season of Hollywood Medium, Tyler claims to channel the late King of Pop himself. He has revealed in recent interviews that he is able to talk to Michael Jackson while giving a reading for his sister La Toya Jackson.

While he’s keeping mum on the specifics of Michael’s message, Tyler has teased: “There was nothing flamboyant or overtly ‘celebrity’ about his energy. He just came through as a brother looking to connect with his sister. It was really sweet and really humbling, and it really gave me a different perspective on the idea of celebrities.”

Hollywood Medium returns on E! on Tuesday March 6 at 9pm.

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