Homeland: Why season 6 is just as gripping as the first

The latest series of the hit US political drama is coming to BT TV Store and it marks a return to form…

Last updated: 18 April 2017 - 11.35am

(Warning! Contains spoilers)

If Brody’s demise at the end of season three was your point of departure from Homeland, or your were underwhelmed by season five, then the good news is that the latest series serves as a reminder of why audiences were immediately hooked on the show when it was first broadcast back in 2011…

It still has its finger on the pulse

Season six sees the action return to the US. Carrie (Claire Danes) is working for a foundation in New York that provides aid to Muslims living in the US. Meanwhile, a young Muslim-American man has been detained by the FBI after posting a series of videos online. Is he a threat to national security or simply expressing his views?

It portrays a female President

The timeline for season six covers the period from when Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) has won the US election through to her inauguration, offering us a chance to imagine what life might have been like with a woman behind the desk at the White House…

Quinn lives

The cliffhanger at the end of season five revolved around whether Agent Quinn (Rupert Friend) would survive after being poisoned by deadly sarin. It turns out Quinn is alive, but far from well, a shell of his former self. His relationship with Carrie provides one of the strongest storylines for this season.

You can pick up from where they left off

The major plotline that continues from season five is what happens to Quinn, and that’s dealt with via a series of flashbacks. Much like season one, there’s more focus on drawing out the story and the characters rather than resorting to questionable shock tactics to keep your attention, yet it still delivers an edge-of-your-seat finale.

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